Friday, December 17, 2010

Guest Post

Hi All,

I was asked to do a guest post for a friend/training client and had no clue what to write. I thought back to the previous week where I read 3 different articles about what makes a good trainer. Well I decided that having a good trainer is great but in the end you have to look in the mirror and be happy with yourself. No trainer will be with you 24/7 watching your every move so I decided to write about what makes a good client.

Give me some feedback and let me know what you think. Here is my article!

What makes YOU successful is not a good trainer but the desire you have to achieve your goals. Yes we can help put you on track, try to keep you on track, build you the perfect program, sit down with you and plan out how your workouts will look, and get you pumped about it.
Now all of that is said and done YOU have to do the work. That’s when many people fall short. Everyone wants the magic pill or the magic bullet but when that alarm clock goes off in the morning @ 5:30 you need to remember why you have decided to do this. Is it because you wanted to lose some weight? Did you want to put on some lean muscle mass (and fight the laws of gravity)? Or maybe you need to do this to add years to your life because up until now you were sedentary and have had poor habits or made poor choices for decades.

I have several training clients who have come a long way and have no sign of slowing down. Some of them I see once a week some I see 2-3 times a week. The one thing they have in common is that they are all working out 6 days a week. Getting in their workouts is a priority because it makes them feel better. When they feel better they are able to project that to others around them. When you see someone who is lean, fit, happy, and well balanced remember - all of that goes together. When you MAKE the time to do something for yourself you are better for yourself and for your family.

Some people think its too late or the biggest problem is that “I don’t have the time”. Well stop complaining about that extra fatty tissue you have gained around the mid section and do something about it. You can’t complain fat away. You need to plan to get rid of it with getting in those workouts and making the right choices. Some of which include planning your workout time, eating healthy and properly, getting to bed earlier and implementing proper recovery habits.

Being fit is not rocket science but it does take commitment, dedication, and the WANT to get there. Set small goals leading up to something “BIG” and celebrate your victories (not with fatty food and crazy desserts but remind yourself why you are doing this. It’s all worth it in the end. It is so much easier to maintain fitness then to get fit.

Making and keeping healthy lifestyle habits is critical to your success. I have talked with many individuals who have done the yoyo thing and made awesome gains (one individual in particular lost 215 lbs) and then gained back 50+… The consistent response from everyone is that they got to (or close to where they wanted to be) and then started to slack off and go back to the old habits. Keep in mind that that old lifestyle is what got you to where you were and the hundreds of positive choices you have been making are what got you to where you are!

When you see an Olympic athlete on stage in front of the world its because they have made ten’s of thousands of positive choices along the way (proper planning, rest, food, workouts, recovery, saying no to certain things (many things), sticking to a plan, and always keeping the goal in mind. It starts with one positive choice followed by another. Once you get on a roll there is nothing that can stop you but YOU! All of my successful training clients possess these traits.

What makes a good Training Client? The ones who want it, plan for it and are willing to work for it!

Be creative and see where it gets you

Paul Dyck
Creative Conditioning

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stay Motivated

With the holidays here there is always lots to do. We spend all day running around and at the end of it we wonder where it went. some things you can do to help yourself out are

1. Plan your day so you can get a workout in. If you plan what time you are going to workout in then that's half the battle. If you wait until "later" you may not feel like it, it may be shorter, or it may not even happen at all. Even if you get in 30 min you will feel better and its better than nothing.

2. Pack a lunch! of you are going to be out all day bring some good food from home (fruit, veggies, a protein source, unsalted nuts + seeds. By snacking on these good things you will find that you are less likely to grab anything while you are out and about to fill the hunger gap and once again you will feel better for it.

3. Get to bed early! We are exposed to more germs now since we (and the rest of the city) are out and about in malls, stores, etc it seems like everyone is sick. Now you are touching that thing that someone just sneezed on and with less sleep and more stress on your body you are more susceptible to pick something up...

4. Relax! The holidays are supposed to be fun. Breathe and enjoy the time with family and friends. If you keep rushing through them then that's all you will remember about the holidays.

Rest, recover and plan ahead.

Be Creative


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New name same great beatings!

Well I thought long and hard and decided to finally go with a change. The only thing that will change is the name I chose. The workouts will be the same fun and excitement you are used to! From now on we are CREATIVE CONDITIONING.

I think this name suits my style of training and reflects what I think exercise can and should be about. All you need is you for a good workout. equipment is not necessary for you to become fit. A little bit of creativity and the drive to succeed is all you need.

This name I came up with as I was driving a few weeks ago and that's what clicked. Thank you to everyone who sent out great ideas for names. I appreciate your time and thoughts.

Get Creative and have fun with it (maybe even add a little bit of suffer in it).

Have a great day


Thats what im talkin about

Here is a great article that was sent to me from a training client. I was just thinking yesterday about "getting it in". Don't get excited yet I am talking about exercise.

For those out there that aren't getting their workouts in, DO SOMETHING! I know life can be crazy and we aren't machines (yet) but sometimes just doing something is better than nothing.

When I am short on time or I am working a 12-15hr day I don't have the time or energy to get in a 2hr endurance/core workout (I am talking about Ironman training). So what I do is look at the time I have and GO! sometimes a 20-30min workout can feel like a 60 min workout when you are doing full body strength without rest. I like to use DB's, Kettle balls or a functional trainer and just do as much as I can with full body movements and large muscle groups as possible in the amount of time I have. This will get that heart rate up, keep it up and make your muscles scream for more (or less). Either way it's better than nothing and you will feel so much better about yourself afterwards.

Here is the article. Think about it!

Have a great day

Its not about the goal. It's about how you get there!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

December's Camp

Conditioning Camp begins again!

Here is is. Your last chance to ring in the holidays with consistent beatings leading up to the
24th of December.

Camp starts November 29th - December 24th @ 6:15am for one hour.
Cost: $220.00 for 12 sessions (receive 10% off for bringing someone new).
Location: Bronx Park Community center 720 Henderson Hwy

Also I would like to find out who may be interested in January's camp. We were unable to keep
our times (6:15am) for January but have some different options.

Option 1 Tuesday and Thursday mornings @ 6:15am
Option 2 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday @ 7:15am

Please let me know what you think and if you would be interested in these times (especially
those of you that have been attending camps consistently).

For more information contact Paul
And check out
for more info (website on the way for January).

Thank you


Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm Alive

Hey Everyone,

I'm alive. I'm sorry I left you hanging for so long. I have been doing and going through a lot right now. I know what you are thinking and the answer is NO I'm not becoming a woman! Not now its wayyyy to expensive. All kidding aside I have made a few changes.

1. I have a new name. Not me but PPF&C. This will and should be an easier name to remember and I think it reflects my style of training along with my passion for it.

2. New website. I have decided to tackle it on my own. Its going well so far but taking time so please be patient.

3. I am looking at expanding and doing an afternoon conditioning camp. Not sure where yet but I have been working with others to get this thing going

4. I am considering an "ELITE" camp for those who want to take it to the limit with others who have the same idea in mind.

5. Trying to find time to update my blog! I know I will be on here more often with tips tricks and some motivational stories to get people going.

6. Renovate 2 bathrooms at once and make sure they work!

This has been a busy few weeks. Conditioning camp starts again at BRONX November 29th to Dec 24th (12 sessions) @ 6:15am. So far we have had a great turnout with a few people joining along the way.

Fridays class was the toughest I have put people through so far. I ran them into the ground and they all did it. Congrats ladies for digging deep and pushing yourself just when you thought you had nothing left.

After my last post (you know the one I planned on continuing the next day). I saw a few comments and had hoped to see if anyone had made any changes or at least gave it some thought.

I know the WANTING IT takes motivation, concentration, proper planning, and focus. One thing I have discovered about myself is that even though I get up @ 4:50 or 5:00am 5 days a week I need to get to bed earlier. In these past 2 weeks I have had 5 days that I felt the need to go to bed @ 5pm. NOT GOOD!

You need to take care of yourself if you want to get any quality training and time in. I am currently sitting back and looking at what I need to do to be good for myself and everyone I interact with on a personal or professional level.

Anyways I know this was a lot and kind of all over the place but that's what came out. in the meantime set some goals for the week. Look at your schedule and see when you can get in your workouts. Get some rest and eat well...

Take care


Monday, November 1, 2010

You want it? Go and get it.

I have seen and heard some amazing success stories. People coming back from amazing injuries, amazing weight loss, physical and mental transformations, and the list goes on.

What do all of these people have in common? Well they wanted it. They just didn't want it I mean they REALLY WANTED IT.

Now its easy to say you want to get fitter, or you want to lose weight, or you want to try this event. Now you have to ask yourself do you want it or DO YOU WANT IT?

Any big goal has many steps along the way that must be reached. If you are not hitting any or even some of the small goals do you think you are going to get there? The most common goal I see is weight loss... Well that you have to be willing to work for. If you have a goal weight in mind that's great. Now do you have a plan to get to that goal weight. Just like running a Marathon you need to have that date set (be realistic). Give yourself a generous amount of time. It takes a while to put on weight it will take even longer to get it off. Now that you know what you want and when you want it, work your way back with the program.

Set up different mini goals along the way. Here are some recommendations.

1. Get that eating in check.
Eat to fuel yourself not to hibernate. Start a log for one week and see what you are taking in. Go see a sport nutritionist or Dietitian to help you with this. Its not rocket science but if you are missing out on certain macro nutrients you may be spinning your wheels and delaying progress. If you can eat clean 90% of the time you can afford to cheat 10% of the time.

2. Plan ahead.
Make sure you have those workouts planned ahead of time. I do an alright job of getting people to work their asses off but even if I see you once a week, twice a week, three times a week you still might not have results if you eat like crap and don't exercise consistently on your own. Plan what days and times you will be working out and stick to it. Something is better than nothing so even if you have 20 min at home GET IT IN. Excuses are for the weak. Plan properly and make it happen.

3. Have a back up plan
Things don't always happen as we want them to so make a back up plan just in case. Plan a short fast workout at home. Or get outside for a quick run. Have a proper meal at home before going out to dinner, then you don't have to worry about screwing up your goal. When you look at Olympic athletes competing at the games you see amazing physical beings that are finely tuned well oiled machines. Have you ever thought of the tens of thousands of choices they made to get there? Getting up at 5 in the am to train, eating a healthy balanced breakfast, having that recovery snack after training, saying NO to that doughnut, having a good lunch and getting in a workout then. Healthy afternoon snack, saying no to beers after work. GETTING TO BED EARLY!

(I will stop here to get to bed myself)

More tomorrow


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Monday It is

Conditioning camp starts this Monday. We still have some space so let me know if you have any questions or would like any more information.

Where: Bronx Park Community Center 720 Henderson Hwy
When: Monday November 1st- November 26th (12 sessions)
Time 6:15am
Cost: $220.00


Monday November 29th - December 24th Same time, cost and location (12 sessions)!

This is a beautiful new building with change rooms, showers, washrooms (I am putting this all down because we had none of this at the park). The best part... No Mosquitoes!

Monday the 1st will be a partial test day and workout.

All you need to bring is a yoga mat, water, workout clothing, and a skipping rope if you have.

We have available to us...
Various DB's
Exercise mats
Swiss balls (exercise balls)
and a lot of space!

Please let me know if you have any questions as I will be happy to answer them. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you Monday morning.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Take your time!

When eating a meal it is easy to consume many more calories than you need. There is a lag time of 10-20 min before your brain gets the signal from your abdomen that its full.

With amount of cheap fast food we have available to us today (almost on every corner and in between) we can get what we need anytime day or night. Back in the day (Before I was born 30 years ago). Food was relatively more expensive and not as abundant. The amount of obesity today has a huge part to do with the lack of activity we get and fact that we can have 1000 clories in just minutes by heading down to the burger joint getting a juicy burger, fries and a giant pop.

On the treadmill it would take you 100 minutes to burn a thousand calories at an incline of 1 and a speed of 6.0mph (that's a 10min mile). Is it worth it?

Eat clean, eat often, and take your time.

P.S. If that picture excites you, you have problems ;-)

Rumble In The BRONX

Hey Everyone,

It is 100% Confirmed. We will be starting conditioning camp Monday November 1st at the BRONX community center. Camp will begin at 6:15am and the cost is $220.00 for Twelve one hour sessions. If there is enough interest there is the possibility of running a 7:15 group as well.

I need 10 participants to make it run so forward this to anyone who may find it of interest.

I look forward to getting this going again in the beautiful building that we are able to use... We have the luxury of heat (but you will be creating your own as well), along with washrooms and showers if you so choose.

Send me an E-mail to confirm and if you have any questions.

I hope you all had a great warm, sunny, and active weekend.



Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Lets Get Ready To Rumble!

Conditioning camp will begin in November at Bronx park community center 720 Henderson Hwy. We will be starting the 1st week of November (Nov 1st-26th or 3rd-29th Start Date TBA) @ 6:15am.

Cost will be $220.00 for 12 sessions. I need minimum 10 people to sign up for this to be a go. Contact me if you are interested so I can confirm our booking.

I will post some photos of our new location in the next few days so check in if you can. We have this location for 2 months and plan to keep going in January.

Thank you for your patience.


What's in a Name?

Well I have had some great ideas for new names and here they are. Send me some more and Vote (comment on the ones you like). I had some that I could not use due to its content but I will post them anyways.

Read the List once and See what sticks out! I know its a long one.

Keep Precision Power Fitness & Conditioning and just change it up a little

Precision Power Conditioning
Precision Conditioning
Precision Fitness & Conditioning
Precision Fitness

Titan Training (or Fitness) I like the sound of this one. It's kind of midieval. When you look it up in the dictionary you get... A person or thing of very great strength, intellect, or importance.
Dogma Conditioning
Pump it Fitness
Iron Will Fitness (or Training)
Iron Heart Training (or Training)
Performance Conditioning
Dragon Fitness (or Conditioning)
Performance Training (or Conditioning)
Fast forward Fitness
Next LEVEL Fitness
F#C@ YOU Fitness
Iron Athletics
Fundamental Fitness
Momentum Fitness
Progressive Fitness
Platinum Conditioning (or Fitness)
Jet Set Conditioning
Endless Fitness
Infinite Fitness
Eternal Fitness
Extreme Fitness (or X-Treme Fitness)
F.U. Fitness (For U or... You guessed it) Not sure why I was given something like that?
Alpha Dog Training
Precision Plus or Precision +
Embody Training
Mbody Training (With something like an Ironman Logo but a different head)
Performance +
Interval Performance
Gorilla Guru
Bear body or BARE BODY Works

Let me know what you think. I think they are all great ideas but if you had to pick one, just one. Something that stands out then let me know.

Thanks again for all your help and support.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trail Run

Hey Everyone,

Awesome run to all of those who ventured out this evening in the dark. We had a great run and learned a valuable lesson. BUY A FREAKIN HEAD LIGHT! Everything turned out ok but we did get a little split up. Over the next couple weeks we will work something out to stay together better! It was a beautiful night with the moon out above... If anyone wants to join us meet at the Birds Hill Park entrance (hwy 59) @ 6pm on tuesday's Im sure we still have a couple left!

As for conditioning camp... Well I am playing a lot of tag with people on locations and cant finalize anything until next week with the Wellness so I am still hopefull that we will get something going... I will let you all know when we do.

Training is going great for now. Im starting to get out of this sick slump and am able to push it a bit... Cant wait to be 100%. You never want to go too hard too soon or you will end up run down again.

Have a great evening.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Fighting for weeks

Well training this week has been up and down. I am still under the weather and under rested. When you are run down then its not the time to push it. I have had some great RT workouts this week but tuesday evenings trail run felt way harder than the run at Ironman Canada. we were running 10:30 min/miles on tuesday and I thought I needed to stop. At that point you should stop. Trying to push your body beyond that point you are just asking for something bad to happen. Some signs that may mean that you are run down/under recovered are...

Higher than normal resting heart rate
Higher resting Blood Pressure
Constant fatigue
Unable to train at a level that you are otherwise used to (this is not always an intense level)
Unable to concentrate
Irritable (well more than normal)

Best way to deal with this is to take some down time before you run yourself into the ground! it's 7:38 right now and all I want to do is go to bed.... I think I may give in to that urge.

I have still been trying to nail down new locations for conditioning camp and it is coming to an end. Final details are in the works and we should have a place to call our own soon. Which place is that you ask??? Well it one of four and it keeps narrowing itself down. I will have a few of the places marked down on monday or tuesday.

Finaly to add in some different ideas for training here is a good article on coaches clip board I read today. It talks about how much cardio someone should normaly do. Well there has been a lot of debate in the past few years and now scientistis are saying 60-90 min of cardiovascular exercise/day (up to 6 days/week) for individuals wanting to lose weight. Now if someone is starting out you must ease into your workouts and build up to this amount of time. If you dont have a lot of time for your workout higher intensity and shorter duration is the way to go. If you have the 90 min then the lower intensity is where you should be to last longer.

Here is the article

Stay tuned as I will post some of the great ideas I got for the NEW PPF&C Name and my race report for Ironman Canada! (Tomorrow)

Have a great weekend and get outside!

Group Ride

Tribalistic Ride,

Here is an open invitation for a group ride tomorrow morning.

Hey Everyone, Dont forget the group ride tomorrow @ 9:30am Starting at Birds Hill Park East Beach. We have reservations @ Pine Ridge for 1pm so come for lunch after the ride. This may be the last weekend to get out on the roadie! It may also be a good idea to have to running shoes out for a quick jog around the lake.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Should I workout or should I recover?

Well today was one of those days when you are run down form the week, tired, and just not motivated. Three 15hr days will do that to you.

Well I had resolved to do nothing and as I sat there with the sun going down I decided to jump on my stationary trainer and see what happened. Like I had mentioned I was ready to fall asleep at 6:30pm so this was a tough one. I threw on the 2009 Ironman World Championship DVD in Kona (always a great motivator) and banged out a 45min ride followed by a 15min straight set of kettle ball exercises that was non stop form one side of the body to the other. After that I added an 8 min core set and a stretch. I felt so much better afterwards. Sometimes all you need to do is get moving and that's all it takes.

I once heard a quote by a famous violinist who said "The hardest part about practicing is opening the case". In most of our cases it is getting out of be when you hear the alarm, putting those running shoes on at 6am, getting out the door when its this dark outside (until 7:15am).

ACSM Guidelines say that its ok to exercise in your aerobic zone while sick if the symptoms are above the neck. NO THRESHOLD WORKOUTS. Limit your time to 2hrs max (if you happen to be someone who puts in high mileage or lots of aerobic activity) You should be able to get a good sweat going either way. If it doesn't feel good then stop, but at least you tried.

Have a great long weekend and a great thanksgiving. Think about how much you are eating on the weekend and how long you would have to run in 1 straight workout to burn it off... Is it worth it?

Train Smart

P.S. Here is a great motivational video if you want one Tomorrow is the Ironman world Championship in Kona!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

So much to do in so little time

Well, Its been a while and there is a lot going on... Too much. Business ideas, Training ideas, Goals, Thoughts, Dreams, and keeping them all straight and organized. Now the task at hand is to make them all work out and come together so that everything is seamless....

Balance is the one thing that we are all looking for. In life, family, work, play, and training. If you want something bad enough and you have to go out and get it. If you work for it, you deserve it. We all have goals. We all desire something.... Are we willing to take that step to go out and get it? Well lets start planning!

I am keeping this site as a way to reach out and share experiences.
1. Clients who want to keep current with workouts and training info (camps etc)
2. For those with fitness related questions who need some guidance
3. And for me to share my training experiences and battles with anyone interested in reading them.

I just heard an interesting quote today...

"Training is like fighting with a Gorilla. You don't stop when you're tired. You stop when the Gorilla is tired"

Lets see where this goes...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Stay in Bed

I hear thunder and its been raining all night so dont come out to play. We will make out next week... Sorry I mean make up! Rest up and have a great weekend.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Last Outdoor Workout SEPTEMBER!

Hey Everyone,

Here it is. The last outdoor workout starting SEPTEMBER 8th-OCTOBER 4th. The same great workouts, I'm sure some of the same great people... and me!

The workouts will start @ 6:15am so we can start with the sun and so you can set your alarms 15min later as well.

The cost is $200.00 for the month (12 sessions/hrs) If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask.

I hope to see you out dark and early!


While I was away

First let me say I am happy to be back. Second what is this crap? Sitting around drinking coffee? Is this the 1000 sip workout? I dont remember putting that one together. One more thing. Is that a box of Timbits I see in Laurie's hands??? Just you wait!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Morning's Workout

Hey Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed Monday mornings workout. After a damn long drive Lorrie and I have made it out to Penticton. It is beautiful out here. We havent seen any other IRONMAN athletes out here but its still a bit early... Im sure they will be out soon.

Well here you go for tomorrow morning... Enjoy

1 Lap warm up around the park ALL TOGETHER. Go at an easy so you can talk while running...

2nd lap its every woman for herself! Push yourselves on this lap.

Head down to the pavilion with your water and gloves for some more running fun.
1 Lap 15 Burpees
1 Lap 10 Burpees
1 Lap 5 Burpees
1 Lap 30 Push Ups
1 Lap 20 Push Ups
1 Lap 10 Push Ups

Core Work back at the shelter.

Dead bug 30/side
Plank 2 minutes
Bicycle 1 minute
Crunches (elbows and knees coming together each rep) 30 reps
side bridge 1 min/side
Oblique crunches 30/side

And thats all ladies... Have a great workout.


P.S. for those of you not following the blog take 5 freakin minutes and sign up as a follower ;-)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Monday Aug 23rd

Hello Everyone,

Here is Mondays workout as proimised. This weeks workout will start at 6:30am as requested by the majority of saturday morning's participants.

1 Lap Warm up

Once you finish your lap turn around and lunge the opposite way until everyone gets back!

Make sure Shelley's legs are breathing at this point if not call 911

Woman makers 5 posts out and back once finished find a nice spot for 30 push ups (3 sets total)

Lateral bounding (use the 5 posts once again all the way to one end then back facing the same direction both ways. THEN FOR YOUR REST

Plank with alternate arm leg reach for 20 reps holding for 2 seconds in the up and down position (2 sets in total)

Leg throws: With your partner 1 persona laying down the other person throws the legs down 20reps 2 sets alternate back and forth.

"T" push ups without the pushup. Yes you heard right. No push up with this one. Just start in the push up position and get onto one hand and foot (feet are stacked) once you are on your side (hand and foot) Lift your leg hold for 2 seconds, back to plank hold for 2 then do the other side... 20 reps x 2 sets Did I mention no pushup?

Gecko pushups: NO PUSH UP FOR THIS ONE EITHER. All I want is the gecko from the top of the push up position 30 reps total (each leg comes up 15 times) 2 sets

Last but not least 6 push ups (over 1 min) designate a time keeper. Do 1 push up and hold for 10 seconds only 6 pushups total = 1 min 2 sets and you are done

Stretch out and have a great day

Your friendly neighborhood trainer


Now as Arnie would say "Which way to the beach?"

Friday, August 20, 2010

Saturday Morning SUCKS (that will be you guys)

Hey Everyone,

Dont forget about saturday mornings workout later time same place! We will br training @ 7:30am at kildonan park... Bring a friend and have them suffer with you...

I cant wait.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Well it's less than a month until Ironman and I have had a few requests as to why I am not putting this in the blog. Well here it is for those who asked...

The last weekend of going long! Saturday the 31st was a great day for training. When we started our ride in the morning we had thought we would do 80k out to st Francois Xavier and back through the city. Amed with the food and water wor an 80k ride Lorrie and I set out and decided it was so beautiful that we should head out to Poplar Point. We thought it would be great because we had never been there and we could hit up a gas station for food (high quality of course) and Gatorade/Water. 80km later we realized that there were no gas stations or places to buy anything. The closest place was Saint Francois Xavier 40k back.

We turned back in the 43c (with humidex) and made it 20k before running out of water totaly. We started looking for life and possibly water for the trip when we came upon 2 guys cutting the lawn. They were so gracious as to let us fill up at their Culligan in the shop... Cold water on a hot day is the best thing ever. I drank a bottle on the spot and rfilled it.

As we made our way back we hit up a corner store for Gatorade and foos in St. FX. As I slammed my new bottle of Gatorade I realized that it was full of mold... I exchanged it for a new one and was good to go (didnt even get sick except for the thought of drinking mold).

We flew by our house and out to Lockport to rack up some more Km's by the time we got home the odometer read 215km for the day (7hrs of riding time) 4 bottles of water and 3 of Gatorade 1 Cliff bar, 2 Gels, and rice Krispy cake covered in cocoa and peanut butter (that was awesome).

When we got back to the house we took off for a 10k run followed by getting soaked in the sprinkler which was as good as a pool I thought.

1 Day 8hrs of training 5300 calories gone and a 1.5hr nap... It was a good day.

The most important thing about the day is keeping your pace and not going into the red zone. That means the longer the distance/time you are going the less intensity you should be putting out to sustain yourself. Make sure you are hydrated and have enough nutrition to keep on you to keep you going. Hitting the wall all alone on a deserted road can suck...

Happy training


Camp Begins... Again

Hi Everyone,

August's conditioning camp begins with test day on August 4th and runs until August 20th (8 sessions). The cost for the 8 sessions will be $128. Camps are Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's @ 6am-7am.

THERE WILL BE A SEPTEMBER CAMP! It starts September 6th and runs until the 1st of october. The location in the park may change but the same beatings will occur on a daily basis.

Please call or e mail if you have any questions.

Paul Dyck

Friday, July 30, 2010

Cycling every tuesday

Hey Everyone,

Join in for tuesday night rides starting at the Wellness Institute leaving @ 6pm SHARP. We will be riding anywhere from 40-60km every tuesday so bring your bike (road or mountain) and learn how to ride, change gears, get more efficient and get in a great workout.

Here is a great link to a video as to why cycling shorts are important... Enjoy


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

Today We Begin

Well July is here and the mornings are once again filled with the complaints of those looking for an A$$ kicking. We have a great group joining us again (as always) and are looking to be pushed from start to finish. We welcome anyone who wants to join us as we work our way on becomming harder, faster, and stronger.

Conditioning Camps run Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 6-7am at the north shelter in Kildonan park. Just follow the whining and moaning... It will bring you to the right place.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's Not Over Yet

Hey Everyone, Tomorrow is our last workout until the 5th (that is if you are comming back). Also we will not be doing test day tomorrow. It will be on the 5th so you are welcome to come on the 5th for your testing even if you are not participating in July's Camp. There is no point in doing it tomorrow and again on monday so in the end it s a bonus for you... I hope to see you al l out there. Paul P.S. Bring your "A" Game!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Morning

Hey Everyone,

What a great way to start out the week. This Morning's workout was a beautiful sunny one. I hope the rest of the week is looking up like this.

Enjoy the video of some of your work...


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back At Em

Good evening everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend. I have no clue what it was like here but the weather sucked in Minneapolis.

I look forward to laying a beating on all of you like I had laid on me for 5hrs on saturday...
Sweet dreams and see you at 6 sharp (except for a few).


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Up and At Em!

Hey Everyone,

Dont forget we are on for tomorrow morning at 6am. The only way I want you to stay in bed is if there is thunder and lightening... Other than that I look forward to see you bright and shiny faces ready to work hard as always.

See you in the AM.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Group Ride!


Hey Everyone,

I know this is a little last minute but tomorrow morning (saturday the 5th) a group will be doing a ride form the Wellness starting at 8am. We will ride out to Lockport (50k)/Larters (70k)/Selkirk's bridge to nowhere (100k) for those interested (total distances are from the Wellness). I know some of you live on henderson so if you want to "jump on" as we ride by you are more than welcome to. I will message you when we leave the Wellness if you are interested in joining. We will end at the Wellness with a 5k transition run (Commit to get fit route). Make sure you bring nutrition and hydration needs for yourself.

Please let me know if you are up for any of the distances...

Have a great weekend if we dont see you.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Stay Home!

Hi Everyone,
I know you are all fast but im not sure about lightening fast. I dont expect you to work out in this weather so we will pick a different date if I can get the majority to agree.
The 2 options I suggest are tomorrow (saturday) or tuesday. Let me know if you have a preference. Monday is still test day.

Have a great weekend and im sorry mother nature is not working with us. By the way the gym opens at 6am incase you forgot.

P.S. Here is a picture I took while looking out my window this morning. Spectacular...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life In The Fast Lane

Can you believe that one month has gone by already? I hope most of you are used to the mornings by now.

Friday the 28th (tomorrow) is our last day... Test day. We will try to get through the tests as fast as possible so that we can keep you hot and sweaty. it should be nice out so be ready to work.

For those of you who are returning please let me know so I have an idea of who we have comming out for June... We start June's camp on Monday May 28th.

Have a great day everyone and see you all bright and early.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday the 14th

Great workout everyone. There was a lot of laughing going on but everyone worked their a$$es of and pushed themselves. It was great to see.

Have a great weekend and see you all on monday morning.

Check out the video of you in action thanks to our wonderful camera girl Mary.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Let The Running Begin

Hey Everyone,

Thursday (tomorrow) will be our first group run. I may be the only one there but all are welcome to come out and get in an early morning run just for the fun of it. Bring someone else along as this is just a bonus cardio day for you. I would like to have people meet tuesdays and thursdays consistently if it works out for them. They are just bonus workouts that you can add to your week.

I will not be there every week as I have clients tues and thur mornings. I will try to show up as much as possible though.

If you have any questions please call or E-mail me or just show up...

Have a great evening.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week 2

Good evening everyone,

Guess what? Week 2 begins tomorrow. Now that we had a great sunny weekend its back to the rain tomorrow. I guess we cant hide from it so we need to embrace it. Oh well at least everyone is having a great time... Right?

Once again dress for the weather and I look forward to seeing all of you out there bright and early.

P.S. Dont forget to bring your "A" game as you will need it. The honeymoon is over!

Paul XOXOXO ;)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Hey Everyone,

Yes it is raining and has been for a while now and yes it will probably rain all night... I think that we should all bring umbrellas and make a big dome to workout under.

The other option is to stay under the shelter and workout there... Thats the plan for now. Yes we meet unless the sky is lighting up like a pinball machine.

Make sure to bring your mat as we will be doing a lot of body weight exercises and core work. Dress for it!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 1

See you all bright and early in the morning. Dress for the weather I hear it may snow... Now get to bed!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hello Conditioning Campers, You are all now the Elite Team that the other conditioning camps will look up to and say “Better them than me”, or “that’s sick”, or “WTF?”. This is not a high-heeled boot camp so I hope you are all ready to work. Here are a few things questions you may have and a few answers I will give you… 1. Camp starts @ 6am. If you get there earlier and want to start warming up then that’s great. If you want to sit in your car and ask “why am I here at this hour of the morning?” then that’s ok too. WE MEET AT THE NORTH SHELTER. Just drive around the park past the witches hut (on your left) and over the bridge. It’s the 1st shelter on your left. If one park gate is closed when you come in off Main st. go in through the OUT GATE. 2. When driving through the park make sure you go the SPEEDLIMIT! There are runners (and friends) that are there running @ 5:30am and sometimes coming around the corner you may not see them. Speed limit = 30kmh or less Thank you. 3. Every workout will be different and fun…ish. Bring proper clothing for the weather and dress in layers. You will need this as the weather can change in the mountains without warning (just kidding im not bringing mountains but it can suck if you aren't dressed properly). YOU will need (other than proper clothing) Gloves, a water bottle, a towel, a yoga mat (or any type of mat to lay on), a sense of humor and your “A” game (don’t leave home without it). 4. If you have any problems with an exercise let me know ASAP and we will give you an alternative. I will push you and make you work but I want you to do it safely and with perfect form. 5. Please make sure you have your forms filled out with payment in an envelope. 6. Please make sure to fill out the "BRING BACK BURT" petition. We will have him back someday. If you have any questions ask away. I look forward to seeing everyone back and meeting some of you newbie’s. Please forward this to those who I do not have address for (I know a few of you are bringing friends) and didn't want me to have contact with them as they might not decide to show up if they read the blog or talked with me. Paul Remember to check the blogspot for constantly updated info.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Almost There Yet So Far Away

Well the forms have gone out and registration begins. Thank you for all the feedback you have given me and I wish you wouldn't use so much foul language. If you are interested or have any questions about the camp please don't hesitate to ask.

and in closing a note for the newbies...

Im sure you newbies are wondering if the stories are true. I have to admit... Yes they are... and yes you will be sore, you will be run down, beaten up, knocked around and then you will realize "damn its only monday".

Happy training!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Conditioning Camp

Great Evening everyone,

I hope you are all outside enjoying the amazing night and not inside on your computers... Just a heads up that all the forms will be finished for the Conditioning camp regestration tomorrow so I will be sending them out shortly. I believe we have our 6 am group full and I think it's going to be a great time... I am looking forward to the "group morale" @ 6am from all of you... The 7:30 group is starting to build momentum as well... Have a great evening...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My First Follower

I am my own first follower. This sucks!

Fill Er Up

Wow, im happy to see that the photo didn't scare everyone off (and no its not Gerry). So far we have 12 people signed up for the 6 am conditioning camp and 2 for the 7:30. I would like to cap it off @ 15 per group as it makes it hard to keep an eye on everyone when we have too many comming. We want the workouts to be intense and safe at the same time. Please confirm your spot if you are on the fence...

Have a great day...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trying to Git Er Done

This is my 1st time using a blog and I am working on getting better with it. This blog is to take the place of my website for now as I am trying to revamp the whole thing. If you have any questions please feel free to E-mail me and I will be more than happy to help out...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lets Get This Party Started!

Hi everyone, Its about that time. Winter is over, the snow is almost gone, ice is melting and we are ready to start your conditioning. This year we will be starting the suffering in May (3rd-28th). All sessions will be held at Kildonan park 6am NORTH SHELTER as always. We will be running a 6am and 7:30 group as well as long as there are minimum 10 people in each group. Camps are on Monday's, Wednesday's, & Friday's The cost is $200.00/12 sessions (1 month). Please contact to reserve your spot & to have appropriate regestration process sent out. We would like to have all the paper work sent out and numbers of participants taken care of before the 1st day. Happy training!

P.S. The exercise posted above is not a requirement for the conditioning camp!

Thank you