Monday, February 28, 2011

68 Days to go

Well there it is. On the blog when I open it up the days are right there in front of me. I look at them on the calendar and in my program and it doesn't seem that close. When you see the day it seems a lot more real.

So far training has been going well. Everything is on track and I am so run down its not even funny. The longer training days are taking their toll and I can feel it. High volume training is not always that intense but it is high volume. I think it would be better if I could do my longer rides outside instead of indoors on a trainer or treadmill.

My swims have been going well but it's time to bump it up. My swim coach has helped to speed me up in the water and I feel good about it. I will not be getting in any open water swims before the race in St George. This doesn't worry me too much... Yet. I hope to get in a few the days before the race in Utah.

Today was a rest day and I needed it. it's 8:30 and i'm thinking about getting ready for bed. Cant wait! This week is all recovery and regeneration so I don't have to beat the body up so much... I needed this. I hope I wake up a new person full of life and energy in the morning...

I will actually just be happy if I wake up ;-)

Train smart and keep pushing and I will keep Chasing Iron


To my 1 follower

I just wanted to give a "shout out" to my one follower. This woman has been through a lot in the past 14 months. She has had twins, trained for a full marathon, completed a half (in the friggin cold), trained and prepared for a figure competition for MABBA and keeps it all together.

Its great to see someone who keeps pushing, finding goals and working beyond them. I look forward to see whats in store for your future!

Thats all... Nothing else to say about anyone else because nobody else is following... Just me and Cheryl...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Up and running

So here is the new blog! I am starting to work out all the kinks from bringing all of the old stuff over but it looks like it's coming together.

The website is almost done and I have almost hit the publish button a few times but there is always something to modify... Its coming!

As for training I had an awesome weekend. Everything is on track. I fell fitter and am getting stronger. I am down to 165lbs (thats usually where I am on race day not 3 months out) and body fat is sitting @ 5.9%. I am interested in seeing what weight I can get down to by race day. The less weight I carry on the run and bike the faster I will be!

Saturday was a 4.5hr bike at home on the trainer in the dungeon followed by a 30 min 4.5mile run (I felt great). I was doing great for the rest of the day as well... Strange.

Sunday was ok but didn't feel as powerful as saturday (go figure). Sundays workout was with Tribalistic and the coach just told me to sit on the bike and drink water "Don't even pedal" he said. Of course I did the workout and you adjust and adapt. It was great having real live people around for the ride.

Today is a rest day. I had a cancelation this morning and thought... Well I could do weights... NO! There is a reason why we need a rest day and I need to keep it that way.

Tomorrow is the long run of 2hrs 10min it should be great out.... I am also filling in and teaching Tough Enough tomorrow evening @ 8:30... That was an awesome class that I gave up but enjoy teaching it anyways!

I hope you all had a good weekend.