Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Morning's Workout

Hey Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed Monday mornings workout. After a damn long drive Lorrie and I have made it out to Penticton. It is beautiful out here. We havent seen any other IRONMAN athletes out here but its still a bit early... Im sure they will be out soon.

Well here you go for tomorrow morning... Enjoy

1 Lap warm up around the park ALL TOGETHER. Go at an easy so you can talk while running...

2nd lap its every woman for herself! Push yourselves on this lap.

Head down to the pavilion with your water and gloves for some more running fun.
1 Lap 15 Burpees
1 Lap 10 Burpees
1 Lap 5 Burpees
1 Lap 30 Push Ups
1 Lap 20 Push Ups
1 Lap 10 Push Ups

Core Work back at the shelter.

Dead bug 30/side
Plank 2 minutes
Bicycle 1 minute
Crunches (elbows and knees coming together each rep) 30 reps
side bridge 1 min/side
Oblique crunches 30/side

And thats all ladies... Have a great workout.


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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Monday Aug 23rd

Hello Everyone,

Here is Mondays workout as proimised. This weeks workout will start at 6:30am as requested by the majority of saturday morning's participants.

1 Lap Warm up

Once you finish your lap turn around and lunge the opposite way until everyone gets back!

Make sure Shelley's legs are breathing at this point if not call 911

Woman makers 5 posts out and back once finished find a nice spot for 30 push ups (3 sets total)

Lateral bounding (use the 5 posts once again all the way to one end then back facing the same direction both ways. THEN FOR YOUR REST

Plank with alternate arm leg reach for 20 reps holding for 2 seconds in the up and down position (2 sets in total)

Leg throws: With your partner 1 persona laying down the other person throws the legs down 20reps 2 sets alternate back and forth.

"T" push ups without the pushup. Yes you heard right. No push up with this one. Just start in the push up position and get onto one hand and foot (feet are stacked) once you are on your side (hand and foot) Lift your leg hold for 2 seconds, back to plank hold for 2 then do the other side... 20 reps x 2 sets Did I mention no pushup?

Gecko pushups: NO PUSH UP FOR THIS ONE EITHER. All I want is the gecko from the top of the push up position 30 reps total (each leg comes up 15 times) 2 sets

Last but not least 6 push ups (over 1 min) designate a time keeper. Do 1 push up and hold for 10 seconds only 6 pushups total = 1 min 2 sets and you are done

Stretch out and have a great day

Your friendly neighborhood trainer


Now as Arnie would say "Which way to the beach?"

Friday, August 20, 2010

Saturday Morning SUCKS (that will be you guys)

Hey Everyone,

Dont forget about saturday mornings workout later time same place! We will br training @ 7:30am at kildonan park... Bring a friend and have them suffer with you...

I cant wait.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Well it's less than a month until Ironman and I have had a few requests as to why I am not putting this in the blog. Well here it is for those who asked...

The last weekend of going long! Saturday the 31st was a great day for training. When we started our ride in the morning we had thought we would do 80k out to st Francois Xavier and back through the city. Amed with the food and water wor an 80k ride Lorrie and I set out and decided it was so beautiful that we should head out to Poplar Point. We thought it would be great because we had never been there and we could hit up a gas station for food (high quality of course) and Gatorade/Water. 80km later we realized that there were no gas stations or places to buy anything. The closest place was Saint Francois Xavier 40k back.

We turned back in the 43c (with humidex) and made it 20k before running out of water totaly. We started looking for life and possibly water for the trip when we came upon 2 guys cutting the lawn. They were so gracious as to let us fill up at their Culligan in the shop... Cold water on a hot day is the best thing ever. I drank a bottle on the spot and rfilled it.

As we made our way back we hit up a corner store for Gatorade and foos in St. FX. As I slammed my new bottle of Gatorade I realized that it was full of mold... I exchanged it for a new one and was good to go (didnt even get sick except for the thought of drinking mold).

We flew by our house and out to Lockport to rack up some more Km's by the time we got home the odometer read 215km for the day (7hrs of riding time) 4 bottles of water and 3 of Gatorade 1 Cliff bar, 2 Gels, and rice Krispy cake covered in cocoa and peanut butter (that was awesome).

When we got back to the house we took off for a 10k run followed by getting soaked in the sprinkler which was as good as a pool I thought.

1 Day 8hrs of training 5300 calories gone and a 1.5hr nap... It was a good day.

The most important thing about the day is keeping your pace and not going into the red zone. That means the longer the distance/time you are going the less intensity you should be putting out to sustain yourself. Make sure you are hydrated and have enough nutrition to keep on you to keep you going. Hitting the wall all alone on a deserted road can suck...

Happy training


Camp Begins... Again

Hi Everyone,

August's conditioning camp begins with test day on August 4th and runs until August 20th (8 sessions). The cost for the 8 sessions will be $128. Camps are Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's @ 6am-7am.

THERE WILL BE A SEPTEMBER CAMP! It starts September 6th and runs until the 1st of october. The location in the park may change but the same beatings will occur on a daily basis.

Please call or e mail if you have any questions.

Paul Dyck