Sunday, August 22, 2010

Monday Aug 23rd

Hello Everyone,

Here is Mondays workout as proimised. This weeks workout will start at 6:30am as requested by the majority of saturday morning's participants.

1 Lap Warm up

Once you finish your lap turn around and lunge the opposite way until everyone gets back!

Make sure Shelley's legs are breathing at this point if not call 911

Woman makers 5 posts out and back once finished find a nice spot for 30 push ups (3 sets total)

Lateral bounding (use the 5 posts once again all the way to one end then back facing the same direction both ways. THEN FOR YOUR REST

Plank with alternate arm leg reach for 20 reps holding for 2 seconds in the up and down position (2 sets in total)

Leg throws: With your partner 1 persona laying down the other person throws the legs down 20reps 2 sets alternate back and forth.

"T" push ups without the pushup. Yes you heard right. No push up with this one. Just start in the push up position and get onto one hand and foot (feet are stacked) once you are on your side (hand and foot) Lift your leg hold for 2 seconds, back to plank hold for 2 then do the other side... 20 reps x 2 sets Did I mention no pushup?

Gecko pushups: NO PUSH UP FOR THIS ONE EITHER. All I want is the gecko from the top of the push up position 30 reps total (each leg comes up 15 times) 2 sets

Last but not least 6 push ups (over 1 min) designate a time keeper. Do 1 push up and hold for 10 seconds only 6 pushups total = 1 min 2 sets and you are done

Stretch out and have a great day

Your friendly neighborhood trainer


Now as Arnie would say "Which way to the beach?"

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