Friday, December 17, 2010

Guest Post

Hi All,

I was asked to do a guest post for a friend/training client and had no clue what to write. I thought back to the previous week where I read 3 different articles about what makes a good trainer. Well I decided that having a good trainer is great but in the end you have to look in the mirror and be happy with yourself. No trainer will be with you 24/7 watching your every move so I decided to write about what makes a good client.

Give me some feedback and let me know what you think. Here is my article!

What makes YOU successful is not a good trainer but the desire you have to achieve your goals. Yes we can help put you on track, try to keep you on track, build you the perfect program, sit down with you and plan out how your workouts will look, and get you pumped about it.
Now all of that is said and done YOU have to do the work. That’s when many people fall short. Everyone wants the magic pill or the magic bullet but when that alarm clock goes off in the morning @ 5:30 you need to remember why you have decided to do this. Is it because you wanted to lose some weight? Did you want to put on some lean muscle mass (and fight the laws of gravity)? Or maybe you need to do this to add years to your life because up until now you were sedentary and have had poor habits or made poor choices for decades.

I have several training clients who have come a long way and have no sign of slowing down. Some of them I see once a week some I see 2-3 times a week. The one thing they have in common is that they are all working out 6 days a week. Getting in their workouts is a priority because it makes them feel better. When they feel better they are able to project that to others around them. When you see someone who is lean, fit, happy, and well balanced remember - all of that goes together. When you MAKE the time to do something for yourself you are better for yourself and for your family.

Some people think its too late or the biggest problem is that “I don’t have the time”. Well stop complaining about that extra fatty tissue you have gained around the mid section and do something about it. You can’t complain fat away. You need to plan to get rid of it with getting in those workouts and making the right choices. Some of which include planning your workout time, eating healthy and properly, getting to bed earlier and implementing proper recovery habits.

Being fit is not rocket science but it does take commitment, dedication, and the WANT to get there. Set small goals leading up to something “BIG” and celebrate your victories (not with fatty food and crazy desserts but remind yourself why you are doing this. It’s all worth it in the end. It is so much easier to maintain fitness then to get fit.

Making and keeping healthy lifestyle habits is critical to your success. I have talked with many individuals who have done the yoyo thing and made awesome gains (one individual in particular lost 215 lbs) and then gained back 50+… The consistent response from everyone is that they got to (or close to where they wanted to be) and then started to slack off and go back to the old habits. Keep in mind that that old lifestyle is what got you to where you were and the hundreds of positive choices you have been making are what got you to where you are!

When you see an Olympic athlete on stage in front of the world its because they have made ten’s of thousands of positive choices along the way (proper planning, rest, food, workouts, recovery, saying no to certain things (many things), sticking to a plan, and always keeping the goal in mind. It starts with one positive choice followed by another. Once you get on a roll there is nothing that can stop you but YOU! All of my successful training clients possess these traits.

What makes a good Training Client? The ones who want it, plan for it and are willing to work for it!

Be creative and see where it gets you

Paul Dyck
Creative Conditioning

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stay Motivated

With the holidays here there is always lots to do. We spend all day running around and at the end of it we wonder where it went. some things you can do to help yourself out are

1. Plan your day so you can get a workout in. If you plan what time you are going to workout in then that's half the battle. If you wait until "later" you may not feel like it, it may be shorter, or it may not even happen at all. Even if you get in 30 min you will feel better and its better than nothing.

2. Pack a lunch! of you are going to be out all day bring some good food from home (fruit, veggies, a protein source, unsalted nuts + seeds. By snacking on these good things you will find that you are less likely to grab anything while you are out and about to fill the hunger gap and once again you will feel better for it.

3. Get to bed early! We are exposed to more germs now since we (and the rest of the city) are out and about in malls, stores, etc it seems like everyone is sick. Now you are touching that thing that someone just sneezed on and with less sleep and more stress on your body you are more susceptible to pick something up...

4. Relax! The holidays are supposed to be fun. Breathe and enjoy the time with family and friends. If you keep rushing through them then that's all you will remember about the holidays.

Rest, recover and plan ahead.

Be Creative