Wednesday, January 16, 2013


90 Day CreCon Challenge Tips... (keep checking in for more)

1. I always hear people starting a challenge by saying "I can do this for Thirty, Sixty, or Ninety days"... If you have that mentality going into something I would consider that a bad start. Think of this 90 day challenge as a way to set up some healthy habits that you can manage for the rest of your life... YES THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. 

Sure that's a long time but I think you're worth it. Don't you?

2. Different things work for different people. What you need to do is figure out what works for you. When you see a fitness model doing a certain diet (and I use that word as something that is a short term solution to a lifelong issue) and you try it but don't get the same results why is that???

You can follow the eating plan but only be getting in 2 or 3 workouts a week vs. the 6 workouts this fitness model is getting. Chances are they didn't start the "diet" when they were out of shape and before they became a model. They had been fit for years (and working their ass off at it) then tried something new or different to dial in their nutrition for their photo shoot (because they don't always look that ripped). 

Find a great nutritionist that won't pump you full of pills and get you healthy with your food choices and not chemicals.

3. PLAN AHEAD! This is a huge one. If you don't plan ahead for what you need to do then how is it going to happen? This means

  • Having your gym bag in the car and ready to go at all times WITH YOUR SHOES!
  • Plan you workout time and stick to it. Chances are if you feel like shi# and go to the gym, start your workout you will feel 100% better. Energy is infectious. GET SOME!
  • PLAN YOUR MEALS! This means breakfast, mid morning snack, Lunch, Mid afternoon snack, Dinner and possibly an evening snack. Don't let yourself go hungry as you will gravitate to poor choices. If you have the good stuff around and readily available then you will probably make use of it. If you plan for it you will have it.