Tuesday, May 17, 2011

IM St. George Video

Here is a great video of the IM St. George race. See if you recognize someone around the 7:50 mark!

Just seeing the video makes me want to go back and do it again... Maybe not tomorrow but soon!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday The 13Th

Hey everyone,

Damn its cold here. We had gotten used to +30 in St. George and Vegas. It was quite the surprise getting off the plane to -5 with the windchill.

Sorry I didn't get the workout posted for this morning. I have been trying to log in to Blogger for the past couple days and it has been down for logging in and a read only site until now.

Here is the workout I came up with in the airport. Use it over the weekend if you like.

Friday The 13th!

Here’s your final workout before Im back! I am sitting in The Las Vegas airport thinking what can I get you to do so here it is…

1 Mile run for warm up

Follow it up with a

.5 mile run @ threshold (very uncomfortable pace), Heavy breathing, panting, maybe even a bit of drool!

Show me the bunny! Bunny hops 50 in total Non stop.

Right after

Jump into lateral bounding pushing off 50 times per leg

Follow it up with lunges 100 in total

Follow it up with 50 pushups. I don’t care how long it takes you just do them and make sure you start on your toes and hands (NOT KNEES).

Follow it up with

30 self assisted pull ups (use a smith machine, use a squat rack, use a bar, use a swing). Just pull yourself up over and over…

Follow it up with

15 burpees

Follow it up with

Plank with alternate reach 20 reps total followed by a 1 minute plank.

On to

Side bridge with oblique crunch 30reps per side

On to

Sit ups 20 total


a .5 mile run At or above threshold… Just make sure you beat that 1st .5mile time that you stared with. Now that you have read this make sure not to wimp out on that 1st .5 mile sufferfest just so you can beat your time the second time around! I know how some of you think ;-)


Enjoy and see you soon.


Photo above was rest day #2 post Ironman hiking into the mountains into waterfalls. The water was much colder than the swim @ Sand Hollow. Taken in Zion National Park. It was beautiful there and reminded me of Jurassic Park with the bus shuttles and surroundings.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wednesday Morning's Workout


1 mile run to warm up (or 1 lap of the park)

Walking lunges (Right after run) 100 total

25 Push Ups

25 Squat Jumps

25 Dips

Lateral Bounding 30 reps

Burpees 15 reps

Sit -Ups 20 reps

Plank with alternate arm leg raise for 20 reps

Modified mountain climber (alternate knee to elbow for 20 reps)

T Push Up with leg abduction (leg raise) 20 reps

Now that you are done do it all over... Once more (except for the 1 mile run). You can thank me later.



Sunday, May 8, 2011

Being Beaten by Iron!

Watch the video because I cant type! Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes and support.

Paul & Lorrie

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ironman St. George, TOMORROW!

Today was the last day to get ready. The temperature here was 91 degrees. The same as its supposed to be tomorrow for the race. Everywhere you went you could see the heat radiating from the pavement. I even stepped out of the car to dead to the grocery store and my shoe got stuck to some tar in the parking lot. When I pulled it away it had a perfect imprint of the tread on the bottom of my shoe. NOT GOOD.

We got our bikes and run gear in today and made sure we had all of our last minute things together for tomorrow.

We got to see where we will be finishing tomorrow and I hope there are more people cheering us on than tonight...

Well all is done and we even watched the Ironman St George video from 2010 and it helped us to see what we are in for a little more... We felt like we should have been in our basement riding our stationary trainers instead of watching a video in the desert... We had our favorite pre race away from home meal. A 12" Roast Chicken Sub from Subway... It was good stuff. Now all we need to do is set our alarm clocks for 4am so we can make the hotel shuttle for 4:35... Im sure 4 alarms will wake us up and if it doesn't wake us it will for sure put us in a bad mood!

I had a headache most of the day and know that I am suffering from a bit of sunstroke. I just need to lay down... Its time for a cold shower and off to bed. 4am comes early...

Sleep in from us and I hope to have a post for you tomorrow...

Train hard (and get some extra sleep for us)

Paul & Lorrie

2 Days to go

Yesterday we were busy… We made it out to Sand Hollow Resevoir for a swim and after 20 min of standing in the shallow waters Lorrie decided to come in (it took her less time to decide to sign up for the freakin race).

The water was a cool 62 degrees but after swimming for 5 min your face, hands and toes got a little more used to it. There were a lot of other triathletes out swimming, biking, and running. All short workouts to get the last few kinks out and make sure the bodies are doing what they are supposed to do.

We got in a good 1500m swim and got used to the water. I noticed the more I was kicking the more my calves wanted to cramp up. I find that happens in cooler water when I kick too much so I laid off a bit and felt good ( I wasn’t sure if there were any 10 year old boys around to save me if I sank).

After the swim we got a few last minute things for our kits and started putting out transition bags together and getting our bikes ready.

The heat is already getting to me and I believe I have mild heat stroke. Im sure the next few days will complete it.

Train hard and stay cool


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Friday's Workout (May 6)

Here is fridays workout... Enjoy as I'm sure you will ;-)

Keep in mind the spirit of Sufferfest...


(I Will Beat My Ass Today To Kick Yours Tomorrow) Gotta love it!

Workout 3

.5 mile warm up followed by a shot of water. Make sure you are good and warm for the 1 mile TT (Time Trial). 10 laps building speed as you run and push it closer to the end. 10 laps outside lane! Mark your time Minutes and seconds…

Pick up DB’s to use for DB step ups on Bleachers. Recommended weight 25+ Alternate legs for 2 min.

Alternate with

Have a mat ready for DB chest press laying on the floor 1 minute as many reps as possible (aprox 20+ with weight that you chose).

3 Sets

DB Row form plank position with weight chosen. Aprox 15-20reps/side depending on weight you have.

Followed By

Dips 20-30 reps depending on if you have strong or WEAK triceps… Remember to use all 3 of your triceps (that’s a joke)

Followed by

Bench jumps (I don’t care if Shelley’s legs aren’t breathing she has to do them anyways… and do them perfectly!)

15-20 reps Jump up and step down alternating legs each time.

3 sets

DB Lunges to the end of the gym floor and back x2 (this is counted as one set. You may need to chose a lighter weight for this Minimum 15lbs.

Followed by

Burpees up onto the bleachers 15 reps

Followed by

DB squat press for 15reps

3 sets

Put those weights away and finish off with that 1 mile Time trial again ;-)

Core work

Plank With alt arm + leg reach 20 total

Side bridge with oblique crunch 30 reps/side

Plank 30 sec

Side bridge-starfish with abduction (8reps/side)

And rest… Try to do this all with out dropping then rest for 45 sec and do it again…

3 times!

You are done after this! Thanks for the heads op on the “Short workout” Wednesday Laurie. I hope this make up for it.


These workouts are being posted for those who can answer NO to all questions in the Canadian Par-Q Physical Activity Questionnaire. If you have answered YES to any of those questions please consult your doctor before beginning any strenuous activities. If you are not sure how to perform any of these exercises please consult a fitness professional.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

3 Days to go

Well we have 3 days to go and things are heating up out here. Today I went to the athlete check in to register and pick up all my tags, bibs, bags and of course cool swag.

At this point Lorrie decided to register for the event as well. Yes she did. Now I am not a supporter of weekend warriors (Even though Pat Z. loves the sound of it) Lorrie thought she would be bored sitting around all day watching people go by so she thought "Why not register?" She will do great as long as she paces herself and makes sure to drink a lot... Im not worried as she is a tough cookie! Now there will be 2 gimps walking around on saturday night!

We have spent the rest of the day getting all of our race gear together into all the transition bags, and special needs bags. We have been checking over our bikes making sure they are mechanically sound.

Making last minute lists of things we need to pick up and add and double checking all our stuff...

I found a cool saying on the back of my watch today...

"When your heart beats at 180, every muscle in your body nears its breaking point, and you've pushed yourself to new possibilities, within the chaos of stamina there's an overwhelming sense of calm. Your mind clears, the world around you slows down and the seconds on your wrist tick like minutes.

Thanks Timex!

Here is a video and some pics of the day...

Take care and Train Hard...


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

4 Days to go

Damn... 4 days to go. Its getting hot out here. We went and drove the run course today and all I can say is that there are no flat parts on it. We were told that there were so many people passing out last year from exhaustion and the heat that they thought the course would be changed for this year. Well it stayed the same and there is not one tree, canopy, or bit of shade to be found at all.

The course is beautiful but over 3000ft of climbing on the run + over 6000ft on the bike + 32c temperatures on the day... This will be an interesting test for all.

Lorrie is still undecided on her registration. We did go to the local pool here today which was nice with the heat of 30c outside. The place was beautiful. Its called Sand Hollow Aquatic center and looks like our golf dome from outside.

We had a good 40 min swim and are headed out for a 30 min run once the sun goes down a bit more.

I also saw several athletes headed into this building. I wonder if its legal???

Off for a short fun run... All the training is done and now its time to enjoy...

Happy training...


P.S. Wednesdays workout should be posted below.

Wednesday's Workout

Here is Wednesdays workout. I hear that most will be staying indoors still so here is another indoor workout.


Warm up with a 10 min jog building speed and intensity near the end of the 10 min

Lateral bounding down the straightaway of the track. Right leg then left leg. Walk around the corners. 2 sets follow each set up with 1 lap of running. After doing both legs and don’t forget the squat between each push off!

Bunny Hops down the straightaway of the track.

SHOW ME THE BUNNY! 2 sets. Run 1 lap between each set.

Run the loop! Both sets of stairs and 1 straightaway of the track. You will be doing this between each exercise I have you doing on the bleachers/gym floor.

1 Loop, 10 Burpees

1 Loop, 30 Jump Squats

1 Loop, 15-20 Plyo push ups on the bleachers… Add a clap for as many as you can and wear a helmet if needed ;-)

1 Loop, 30 Dips

Done like breakfast. Have a great day.

These workouts are being posted for those who can answer NO to all questions in the Canadian Par-Q Physical Activity Questionnaire. If you have answered YES to any of those questions please consult your doctor before beginning any strenuous activities. If you are not sure how to perform any of these exercises please consult a fitness professional.

Monday, May 2, 2011

5 Days to go

Im not sure why Lorrie Wanted a picture of
me here but I stopped to make her happy.

5 Days left! Today was the best day weather wise so far. We had lots of some sun and very little wind. We got out on our bikes for 40k and had a great time riding the hills. I hit 70 going downhill today with the brakes on slightly...

The biggest hill is kind of intense looking but once we started climbing it it was easier than expected. The hill was about an 8% grade over 2k. We got to the top and Lorrie says "I want to sign up". I shook my head and said its your call. She is not one for sitting around and watching events. Even if she didnt know what the hell she was doing she would try it out anyways... I love her for it but dont want her to get injured. Tomorrow we will hit the pool and see how her shoulder does in the water.

I have been icing my calf all day as I couldn't walk last night and had a lot of pain in the origin of my left gastrocnemius. I dodnt do anything stupid and have been taking it easy so I hope this goes away soon. It didnt bother me on the bike at all so I dont know what to think. Stretch, Ice, and Massage and pray to the Ironman gods that they can have me ready for Saturday.

Other than that its been a nice day in the sun.

Happy Training!

Lorrie Climbing the beast
Why do we live in Winnipeg?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

6 days to go

Today was a great day here in Utah. Today we went to check out where the swim will be. Sand Hollow Reservoir is a beautiful body of water. The water is crystal clear with a tint of blue and some sparkling green in some areas. The rock formations around the swim are amazing to look at and climb. Check it out! The beauty of the water almost made me forget about the sign we saw going towards the reservoir.

We drove the Ironman St. George Bike course. Biking it now is not a good idea as its too close to race day. The main goal is to keep some consistent workouts but not to make them too draining so I am fresh for the weekend.

The course is intense and the wind blew the car form side to
side as we drove the hills.... Sorry I mean mountains. The course is beautiful and i believe I said to Lorrie "This course will kick the shit out of a lot of people". I hope i'm not one of them.
We also got in a good run around the town and hit the weight room for some core and light strength work.

Well Its off to hit the hot tub and get another good nights sleep like last night.

Workout 1

Well its been a long day. I got some great pics to post but I will post your workout first. I hear that the workout will be done @ Wellness instead of at the park (PANSY'S).

Here you go!

1 mile run on the track! No treadmills here. OUTSIDE LANE THE WHOLE TIME. Cutting corners will give you a faster time. We don't want that. Time it! 10 laps = 1 mile

1 lap of lunges
10 sets of stars in the stairwell 10 sets every second step

Bench jumps (on bleachers) 20 reps man makers (pyramid) on gym floor (basketball courts)
2 sets

Burpees 10
Dips 15
Pushups 10 (5 second hold at the top 5 second hold at the bottom) This should take you 1:40 to do if your are doing it properly.

Plank 2 min 1 set
Side bridge with oblique crunch 20r/side 2 sets back to back
Mountain climber SLOOOOOOOW 20 reps on your hands and toes 1 set
Crunches with feet on bleachers 20 reps

Hit the showers!

Let me know if you used it and how much fun it was.

Enjoy! Oh yeah and suffer ;-)


These workouts are being posted for those who can answer NO to all questions in the Canadian Par-Q Physical Activity Questionnaire. If you have answered YES to any of those questions please consult your doctor before beginning any strenuous activities. If you are not sure how to perform any of these exercises please consult a fitness professional.

7 Days to go

Damn... 7 Days to go.

I cant believe it. I remember looking at the countdown when I had 130 days to go. Now we are here and getting it together.

Lorrie and I arrived in Las Vegas friday afternoon and after getting our rental car (a Ford Explorer to fit all our gear) we drove around looking for food. We were so hungry after being told at the beginning of our flight not to pull out any nuts (the ones you eat) on the plane because someone on there had a severe allergy and would probably die if they came into contact with nuts. Everything we brought had nuts... Oh well we survived and found some mexican food to fill us up.

As the sun was going down we drove through the desert to St George with sand blowing and tumble weeds rolling across the road we marveled at the mountains and red rock as the sun set over the mountains.

When we got to our hotel we pulled our gear in and got some shut eye. We could barley keep them open at this point.

Today we put our bikes together and got out for a 1hr ride. Did some hills and checked out the area... Why do we live in Winnipeg? This place is amazing. I will post some pics when I get a cable for the camera tomorrow. the main goal was to test the bikes out and make sure all bugs get worked out before saturday. There are a few shifting concerns that I need to iron out.

The hills here are insane. The grade is so steep that going uphill in the easiest gear seems like pedaling with a car attached to you. I loved it!

After the ride we went grocery shopping for our GOOD food instead of eating out with junk all the time... It is worth having what you want when you want and you know what you are getting when you pick it out yourself.

We paid a visit to snow canyon and did a little trail run where I tripped and ripped my foot open on lava rock THROUGH MY SHOE! That was not a good feeling. Seems to be ok now.

The temp here has been cold 7c ish and the wind is around 50k/hr. Not like we were expecting but what can you do. Race day is supposed to be +33c Oh what fun. We haven't seen the Iron Invaders yet but im sure there are some around...

Hope to have some new pics up tomorrow for all of my followers (Thanks Cheryl and welcome DONNA!)

Tomorrow 45min run Bike test and relax. ;-)

Hope all is well in Winnipeg I hear it sucks!