Sunday, May 8, 2011

Being Beaten by Iron!

Watch the video because I cant type! Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes and support.

Paul & Lorrie


  1. Way to go you two! Watched the video Paul. You looked exhausted. How's it going today? jojo

  2. Way to go Paul! You were awesome! Besides the fact that I got to see you after the race and hear about how awesome it was, my favorite part of the video (2 parts, actually) are the HUGE yawns you just couldn't hold in!

    Hope you are both recuperating well today. Congratulations!


  3. You look totally beat in the video. But it's done - good job both of you. Rest lots.

    As for this morning's workout? "And then there were only...two".

  4. Congrats Paul and Lorrie! way to grind it out under challenging conditions. My favorite part of the video is when you say you might want to do this race again. :)

  5. I just got back from the lake and saw your blog.Congrats to you both,great job!!