Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday The 13Th

Hey everyone,

Damn its cold here. We had gotten used to +30 in St. George and Vegas. It was quite the surprise getting off the plane to -5 with the windchill.

Sorry I didn't get the workout posted for this morning. I have been trying to log in to Blogger for the past couple days and it has been down for logging in and a read only site until now.

Here is the workout I came up with in the airport. Use it over the weekend if you like.

Friday The 13th!

Here’s your final workout before Im back! I am sitting in The Las Vegas airport thinking what can I get you to do so here it is…

1 Mile run for warm up

Follow it up with a

.5 mile run @ threshold (very uncomfortable pace), Heavy breathing, panting, maybe even a bit of drool!

Show me the bunny! Bunny hops 50 in total Non stop.

Right after

Jump into lateral bounding pushing off 50 times per leg

Follow it up with lunges 100 in total

Follow it up with 50 pushups. I don’t care how long it takes you just do them and make sure you start on your toes and hands (NOT KNEES).

Follow it up with

30 self assisted pull ups (use a smith machine, use a squat rack, use a bar, use a swing). Just pull yourself up over and over…

Follow it up with

15 burpees

Follow it up with

Plank with alternate reach 20 reps total followed by a 1 minute plank.

On to

Side bridge with oblique crunch 30reps per side

On to

Sit ups 20 total


a .5 mile run At or above threshold… Just make sure you beat that 1st .5mile time that you stared with. Now that you have read this make sure not to wimp out on that 1st .5 mile sufferfest just so you can beat your time the second time around! I know how some of you think ;-)


Enjoy and see you soon.


Photo above was rest day #2 post Ironman hiking into the mountains into waterfalls. The water was much colder than the swim @ Sand Hollow. Taken in Zion National Park. It was beautiful there and reminded me of Jurassic Park with the bus shuttles and surroundings.

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  1. Great photo! And that's quite a workout you posted for us. Which weekend?
    We kicked butt this morning - that's two number workouts this week....1000 and 600. Awesome.
    See you next week.