Sunday, May 1, 2011

Workout 1

Well its been a long day. I got some great pics to post but I will post your workout first. I hear that the workout will be done @ Wellness instead of at the park (PANSY'S).

Here you go!

1 mile run on the track! No treadmills here. OUTSIDE LANE THE WHOLE TIME. Cutting corners will give you a faster time. We don't want that. Time it! 10 laps = 1 mile

1 lap of lunges
10 sets of stars in the stairwell 10 sets every second step

Bench jumps (on bleachers) 20 reps man makers (pyramid) on gym floor (basketball courts)
2 sets

Burpees 10
Dips 15
Pushups 10 (5 second hold at the top 5 second hold at the bottom) This should take you 1:40 to do if your are doing it properly.

Plank 2 min 1 set
Side bridge with oblique crunch 20r/side 2 sets back to back
Mountain climber SLOOOOOOOW 20 reps on your hands and toes 1 set
Crunches with feet on bleachers 20 reps

Hit the showers!

Let me know if you used it and how much fun it was.

Enjoy! Oh yeah and suffer ;-)


These workouts are being posted for those who can answer NO to all questions in the Canadian Par-Q Physical Activity Questionnaire. If you have answered YES to any of those questions please consult your doctor before beginning any strenuous activities. If you are not sure how to perform any of these exercises please consult a fitness professional.


  1. I'm commenting before we do it, as I know it will be fun! - but I will post later to let you know some of the swear words used (that's the inidicator of the level of fun, right?!)

  2. alright, workout complete. swear count = under 10 (of course, participation was low) I'm sure we can do better on Wednesday! Good workout - stairs were tough for a couple of us who haven't done them in a while - someone else was barely breathing heavy! The 1:40 pushups were NOT fun!

    Enjoy your training today Paul.