Friday, May 6, 2011

2 Days to go

Yesterday we were busy… We made it out to Sand Hollow Resevoir for a swim and after 20 min of standing in the shallow waters Lorrie decided to come in (it took her less time to decide to sign up for the freakin race).

The water was a cool 62 degrees but after swimming for 5 min your face, hands and toes got a little more used to it. There were a lot of other triathletes out swimming, biking, and running. All short workouts to get the last few kinks out and make sure the bodies are doing what they are supposed to do.

We got in a good 1500m swim and got used to the water. I noticed the more I was kicking the more my calves wanted to cramp up. I find that happens in cooler water when I kick too much so I laid off a bit and felt good ( I wasn’t sure if there were any 10 year old boys around to save me if I sank).

After the swim we got a few last minute things for our kits and started putting out transition bags together and getting our bikes ready.

The heat is already getting to me and I believe I have mild heat stroke. Im sure the next few days will complete it.

Train hard and stay cool


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