Sunday, May 1, 2011

6 days to go

Today was a great day here in Utah. Today we went to check out where the swim will be. Sand Hollow Reservoir is a beautiful body of water. The water is crystal clear with a tint of blue and some sparkling green in some areas. The rock formations around the swim are amazing to look at and climb. Check it out! The beauty of the water almost made me forget about the sign we saw going towards the reservoir.

We drove the Ironman St. George Bike course. Biking it now is not a good idea as its too close to race day. The main goal is to keep some consistent workouts but not to make them too draining so I am fresh for the weekend.

The course is intense and the wind blew the car form side to
side as we drove the hills.... Sorry I mean mountains. The course is beautiful and i believe I said to Lorrie "This course will kick the shit out of a lot of people". I hope i'm not one of them.
We also got in a good run around the town and hit the weight room for some core and light strength work.

Well Its off to hit the hot tub and get another good nights sleep like last night.

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  1. What are you dreaming about?? Put a pillow between your knees when sleeping on your side to keep your hips aligned! And you might try sleeping on a mattress, too! :P