Thursday, May 5, 2011

Friday's Workout (May 6)

Here is fridays workout... Enjoy as I'm sure you will ;-)

Keep in mind the spirit of Sufferfest...


(I Will Beat My Ass Today To Kick Yours Tomorrow) Gotta love it!

Workout 3

.5 mile warm up followed by a shot of water. Make sure you are good and warm for the 1 mile TT (Time Trial). 10 laps building speed as you run and push it closer to the end. 10 laps outside lane! Mark your time Minutes and seconds…

Pick up DB’s to use for DB step ups on Bleachers. Recommended weight 25+ Alternate legs for 2 min.

Alternate with

Have a mat ready for DB chest press laying on the floor 1 minute as many reps as possible (aprox 20+ with weight that you chose).

3 Sets

DB Row form plank position with weight chosen. Aprox 15-20reps/side depending on weight you have.

Followed By

Dips 20-30 reps depending on if you have strong or WEAK triceps… Remember to use all 3 of your triceps (that’s a joke)

Followed by

Bench jumps (I don’t care if Shelley’s legs aren’t breathing she has to do them anyways… and do them perfectly!)

15-20 reps Jump up and step down alternating legs each time.

3 sets

DB Lunges to the end of the gym floor and back x2 (this is counted as one set. You may need to chose a lighter weight for this Minimum 15lbs.

Followed by

Burpees up onto the bleachers 15 reps

Followed by

DB squat press for 15reps

3 sets

Put those weights away and finish off with that 1 mile Time trial again ;-)

Core work

Plank With alt arm + leg reach 20 total

Side bridge with oblique crunch 30 reps/side

Plank 30 sec

Side bridge-starfish with abduction (8reps/side)

And rest… Try to do this all with out dropping then rest for 45 sec and do it again…

3 times!

You are done after this! Thanks for the heads op on the “Short workout” Wednesday Laurie. I hope this make up for it.


These workouts are being posted for those who can answer NO to all questions in the Canadian Par-Q Physical Activity Questionnaire. If you have answered YES to any of those questions please consult your doctor before beginning any strenuous activities. If you are not sure how to perform any of these exercises please consult a fitness professional.


  1. Good luck this weekend, I hope to see good results!!!! As you would expect it from me....

    Really have fun, stay focused I have all the faith in you..

    Take Care

  2. After this workout I may opt for the dark roast coffee at the Bean to give me a jolt to revive me!
    Should be fun.
    Lorrie - I knew you couldn't just watch...way to go!

  3. Um, we didn't need 3 workouts for tomorrow morning - 1 would have been sufficient - we do have places to be other than The Wellness.

    Good luck in your race (Lorrie too!). You both will be awesome. If your legs are ever having trouble breathing, take your own advice and just keep on going (like Shelley perfectly would). Remember you can rest at the finish line!


  4. Well we tried but somehow between Special K and myself we had a Freudian blank and neither of us printed out this w/out for this a.m. HOWEVER,we all did a combination of Monday's AND Wednesday's workouts, with the added motivation of probably the most profanity of the week.
    There was sweat all over the place...I even got accused(?) of "is Paul paying you to make us slave?" Never fear...we'll do this one on Monday.
    Good luck on the weekend.

  5. Well.wasn't that workout fun!!Lori counts way too slow on those pushups!
    Good Luck to you both this weekend!

  6. Clearly it was meant to be. We did work hard this morning, and had a record turnout of 5 participants! Looking forward to the workout meant for today in the park on Monday.

  7. You people must be hard core - working so hard in the absence of you know who..... Of course, I don't see any pictures of all the sweating added to the comments.... I'm just saying.... LOL

    Myself, I'm having a great time eating donuts and drinking coffee.... When are you back again Paul?