Sunday, May 1, 2011

7 Days to go

Damn... 7 Days to go.

I cant believe it. I remember looking at the countdown when I had 130 days to go. Now we are here and getting it together.

Lorrie and I arrived in Las Vegas friday afternoon and after getting our rental car (a Ford Explorer to fit all our gear) we drove around looking for food. We were so hungry after being told at the beginning of our flight not to pull out any nuts (the ones you eat) on the plane because someone on there had a severe allergy and would probably die if they came into contact with nuts. Everything we brought had nuts... Oh well we survived and found some mexican food to fill us up.

As the sun was going down we drove through the desert to St George with sand blowing and tumble weeds rolling across the road we marveled at the mountains and red rock as the sun set over the mountains.

When we got to our hotel we pulled our gear in and got some shut eye. We could barley keep them open at this point.

Today we put our bikes together and got out for a 1hr ride. Did some hills and checked out the area... Why do we live in Winnipeg? This place is amazing. I will post some pics when I get a cable for the camera tomorrow. the main goal was to test the bikes out and make sure all bugs get worked out before saturday. There are a few shifting concerns that I need to iron out.

The hills here are insane. The grade is so steep that going uphill in the easiest gear seems like pedaling with a car attached to you. I loved it!

After the ride we went grocery shopping for our GOOD food instead of eating out with junk all the time... It is worth having what you want when you want and you know what you are getting when you pick it out yourself.

We paid a visit to snow canyon and did a little trail run where I tripped and ripped my foot open on lava rock THROUGH MY SHOE! That was not a good feeling. Seems to be ok now.

The temp here has been cold 7c ish and the wind is around 50k/hr. Not like we were expecting but what can you do. Race day is supposed to be +33c Oh what fun. We haven't seen the Iron Invaders yet but im sure there are some around...

Hope to have some new pics up tomorrow for all of my followers (Thanks Cheryl and welcome DONNA!)

Tomorrow 45min run Bike test and relax. ;-)

Hope all is well in Winnipeg I hear it sucks!



  1. Nasty, nasty weather in Wpg. No sand blowing - we got snow drifting instead. Wish you were Don't see anyone working out in the park tomorrow morning..... Jojo

  2. yes, weather sucks. would much rather be in Vegas!

    where is our workout for the park? we will modify and do it at the wellness instead!