Friday, May 6, 2011

Ironman St. George, TOMORROW!

Today was the last day to get ready. The temperature here was 91 degrees. The same as its supposed to be tomorrow for the race. Everywhere you went you could see the heat radiating from the pavement. I even stepped out of the car to dead to the grocery store and my shoe got stuck to some tar in the parking lot. When I pulled it away it had a perfect imprint of the tread on the bottom of my shoe. NOT GOOD.

We got our bikes and run gear in today and made sure we had all of our last minute things together for tomorrow.

We got to see where we will be finishing tomorrow and I hope there are more people cheering us on than tonight...

Well all is done and we even watched the Ironman St George video from 2010 and it helped us to see what we are in for a little more... We felt like we should have been in our basement riding our stationary trainers instead of watching a video in the desert... We had our favorite pre race away from home meal. A 12" Roast Chicken Sub from Subway... It was good stuff. Now all we need to do is set our alarm clocks for 4am so we can make the hotel shuttle for 4:35... Im sure 4 alarms will wake us up and if it doesn't wake us it will for sure put us in a bad mood!

I had a headache most of the day and know that I am suffering from a bit of sunstroke. I just need to lay down... Its time for a cold shower and off to bed. 4am comes early...

Sleep in from us and I hope to have a post for you tomorrow...

Train hard (and get some extra sleep for us)

Paul & Lorrie

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  1. Sleep well, rise early, race relaxed and watch that sun.
    Good luck - we're cheering for you both.