Tuesday, May 3, 2011

4 Days to go

Damn... 4 days to go. Its getting hot out here. We went and drove the run course today and all I can say is that there are no flat parts on it. We were told that there were so many people passing out last year from exhaustion and the heat that they thought the course would be changed for this year. Well it stayed the same and there is not one tree, canopy, or bit of shade to be found at all.

The course is beautiful but over 3000ft of climbing on the run + over 6000ft on the bike + 32c temperatures on the day... This will be an interesting test for all.

Lorrie is still undecided on her registration. We did go to the local pool here today which was nice with the heat of 30c outside. The place was beautiful. Its called Sand Hollow Aquatic center and looks like our golf dome from outside.

We had a good 40 min swim and are headed out for a 30 min run once the sun goes down a bit more.

I also saw several athletes headed into this building. I wonder if its legal???

Off for a short fun run... All the training is done and now its time to enjoy...

Happy training...


P.S. Wednesdays workout should be posted below.

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