Wednesday, May 4, 2011

3 Days to go

Well we have 3 days to go and things are heating up out here. Today I went to the athlete check in to register and pick up all my tags, bibs, bags and of course cool swag.

At this point Lorrie decided to register for the event as well. Yes she did. Now I am not a supporter of weekend warriors (Even though Pat Z. loves the sound of it) Lorrie thought she would be bored sitting around all day watching people go by so she thought "Why not register?" She will do great as long as she paces herself and makes sure to drink a lot... Im not worried as she is a tough cookie! Now there will be 2 gimps walking around on saturday night!

We have spent the rest of the day getting all of our race gear together into all the transition bags, and special needs bags. We have been checking over our bikes making sure they are mechanically sound.

Making last minute lists of things we need to pick up and add and double checking all our stuff...

I found a cool saying on the back of my watch today...

"When your heart beats at 180, every muscle in your body nears its breaking point, and you've pushed yourself to new possibilities, within the chaos of stamina there's an overwhelming sense of calm. Your mind clears, the world around you slows down and the seconds on your wrist tick like minutes.

Thanks Timex!

Here is a video and some pics of the day...

Take care and Train Hard...


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  1. Yay now I can cheer for the two of you!!!! Way to go Lorrie!! I would not suggest eating those mussels following the OWS....then again....mmmm....mussels..... ;)