Monday, May 2, 2011

5 Days to go

Im not sure why Lorrie Wanted a picture of
me here but I stopped to make her happy.

5 Days left! Today was the best day weather wise so far. We had lots of some sun and very little wind. We got out on our bikes for 40k and had a great time riding the hills. I hit 70 going downhill today with the brakes on slightly...

The biggest hill is kind of intense looking but once we started climbing it it was easier than expected. The hill was about an 8% grade over 2k. We got to the top and Lorrie says "I want to sign up". I shook my head and said its your call. She is not one for sitting around and watching events. Even if she didnt know what the hell she was doing she would try it out anyways... I love her for it but dont want her to get injured. Tomorrow we will hit the pool and see how her shoulder does in the water.

I have been icing my calf all day as I couldn't walk last night and had a lot of pain in the origin of my left gastrocnemius. I dodnt do anything stupid and have been taking it easy so I hope this goes away soon. It didnt bother me on the bike at all so I dont know what to think. Stretch, Ice, and Massage and pray to the Ironman gods that they can have me ready for Saturday.

Other than that its been a nice day in the sun.

Happy Training!

Lorrie Climbing the beast
Why do we live in Winnipeg?


  1. Lorrie you would make a great scrapbooker...Love the top picture! If you decide to do it we will be cheering you on. It sounds like you two are having an amazing time. Enjoy your time together and keep posting the pictures and updates they are great.

  2. great live in Winnipeg because you adore your training other reason cause our weather sure sucks....

    I'm praying to the ironman gods too for ya!!!
    Zealand Fam is proud of ya!

  3. I love the picture! and I agree with Cheryl on why you live in Winnipeg.

  4. Thats the only reason we live there... Now if I could convince you all to move somewhere warm then maybe we could work something out!

  5. eeewww, imagine the extra sweat (if that's even possible!)!