Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Morning's Workout

Hey Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed Monday mornings workout. After a damn long drive Lorrie and I have made it out to Penticton. It is beautiful out here. We havent seen any other IRONMAN athletes out here but its still a bit early... Im sure they will be out soon.

Well here you go for tomorrow morning... Enjoy

1 Lap warm up around the park ALL TOGETHER. Go at an easy so you can talk while running...

2nd lap its every woman for herself! Push yourselves on this lap.

Head down to the pavilion with your water and gloves for some more running fun.
1 Lap 15 Burpees
1 Lap 10 Burpees
1 Lap 5 Burpees
1 Lap 30 Push Ups
1 Lap 20 Push Ups
1 Lap 10 Push Ups

Core Work back at the shelter.

Dead bug 30/side
Plank 2 minutes
Bicycle 1 minute
Crunches (elbows and knees coming together each rep) 30 reps
side bridge 1 min/side
Oblique crunches 30/side

And thats all ladies... Have a great workout.


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  1. said...

    Good thing we all forget to bring our watches - funny how a minute goes by sooooo quickly.

    Just kidding. That was a good one this morning.