Monday, February 14, 2011

Up and running

So here is the new blog! I am starting to work out all the kinks from bringing all of the old stuff over but it looks like it's coming together.

The website is almost done and I have almost hit the publish button a few times but there is always something to modify... Its coming!

As for training I had an awesome weekend. Everything is on track. I fell fitter and am getting stronger. I am down to 165lbs (thats usually where I am on race day not 3 months out) and body fat is sitting @ 5.9%. I am interested in seeing what weight I can get down to by race day. The less weight I carry on the run and bike the faster I will be!

Saturday was a 4.5hr bike at home on the trainer in the dungeon followed by a 30 min 4.5mile run (I felt great). I was doing great for the rest of the day as well... Strange.

Sunday was ok but didn't feel as powerful as saturday (go figure). Sundays workout was with Tribalistic and the coach just told me to sit on the bike and drink water "Don't even pedal" he said. Of course I did the workout and you adjust and adapt. It was great having real live people around for the ride.

Today is a rest day. I had a cancelation this morning and thought... Well I could do weights... NO! There is a reason why we need a rest day and I need to keep it that way.

Tomorrow is the long run of 2hrs 10min it should be great out.... I am also filling in and teaching Tough Enough tomorrow evening @ 8:30... That was an awesome class that I gave up but enjoy teaching it anyways!

I hope you all had a good weekend.


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