Monday, February 28, 2011

68 Days to go

Well there it is. On the blog when I open it up the days are right there in front of me. I look at them on the calendar and in my program and it doesn't seem that close. When you see the day it seems a lot more real.

So far training has been going well. Everything is on track and I am so run down its not even funny. The longer training days are taking their toll and I can feel it. High volume training is not always that intense but it is high volume. I think it would be better if I could do my longer rides outside instead of indoors on a trainer or treadmill.

My swims have been going well but it's time to bump it up. My swim coach has helped to speed me up in the water and I feel good about it. I will not be getting in any open water swims before the race in St George. This doesn't worry me too much... Yet. I hope to get in a few the days before the race in Utah.

Today was a rest day and I needed it. it's 8:30 and i'm thinking about getting ready for bed. Cant wait! This week is all recovery and regeneration so I don't have to beat the body up so much... I needed this. I hope I wake up a new person full of life and energy in the morning...

I will actually just be happy if I wake up ;-)

Train smart and keep pushing and I will keep Chasing Iron


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