Monday, March 7, 2011

Feeling Like Aluminum

Well sometimes you feel like you are on top of the world. Training is on track, recovery is great, you feel like you can just keep going, and going, and going... This week is not one of those weeks.

I have noticed for the past week and a bit workouts are forced and even though some of them turn out great others turn out less than good. Now I knew that training for an Ironman on May 7th would be hard to do indoors. I didn't realize that it would be this hard. I have not been out on my bike (outdoors) since October 2010, my long runs have been outside in -30 - -40c all of my swims have been in a 25m pool, and all of my rides have been on an indoor trainer (up to 6hrs).

All of this is beginning to take its toll on the mind and the body and we are only 62days out from race day! the last 3 weeks of the plan are a taper so I have 5 weeks of hard training left to go before I can back off and regenerate.

This sport awards consistency. If you are consistent and you stay focused you will succeed. For those that are all over the place with their training or are what I call "weekend warriors". Im sure you know a few. Those are the people who train hard and all out on the weekend or enter a race on NO training and have to recover for a week (and thats only for the ones who dont hurt themselves in the event). THEY WILL HURT!

I train consistently and focus on recovery as much as possible. Some techniques include

1. Eating before and after a workout so I am not running on empty
2. Taking a full rest day once a week
3. Backing off when I feel run down or breaking up the workout into 2 manageable workouts
4. Backing off training volume every 3 weeks to allow the body to recover (you get stronger and faster when you recover as long as you stress you body enough during training)
5. Mixing up workouts so you don't run yourself into the ground. Less pounding on the body means quicker recovery.
6. Getting in naps or the sleep I need... Well this one suffers the most. I know I should be getting to bed earlier especially since I am up @ 5am 5 days a week. Going to bed @ 11 is not good for recovery. This is my one downfall.

Am I worried about a loss of fitness with the 3-5 days I am taking off? NO! The body doesnt turn to goo when you take a few rest days. You may feel lazy because you are used to working out almost every day. This is my second day off and I am already starting to miss it so thats a good thing. Its a good thing I have an unfinished bathroom to work on (two of them if you must know).

Speaking of bathrooms I will go work on the basement now. Im sure that will make Lorrie happy.

Recovery day 2 almost over... Still feeling tired but looking forward to a good rest tonight!


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  1. Keep it up, Tin Man! I know you have heart!