Monday, March 14, 2011

54 Days to race day

Holey S#!% only 54 days left until race day. I have one month of long training days left and 3 weeks of taper following that. the final week before race day will be spent out in St George Utah checking out the course, getting in a few workouts, checking over all my gear, and making sure I am relaxed and ready to go. I tend to stay relaxed before events so I hope I can maintain this ability this time around. Lorrie and I will be driving out the end of April and taking 2-3 days to get out there. We plan on bringing out our mountain bikes for after the race. I hear there is AWESOME mountain biking out there.

Is training on track? Well if I said it was 100% on track I would be ling to myself. Am I OK with that... Of course I am. I have to be. Is it the end of the world? NO! I took 3 days off last week with hopes of recovering and feeling like I had more energy. After the 3 days off I felt like I wanted to get back to working out. I didn't pick up where I left off otherwise I would be back to being burnt out, run down, and tired.

I got back into my workouts by doing some shorter rides and runs and a good swim. Yes I was still beat afterwards but felt good overall and still wanted more at the end of the workout (except for the Tribalistic workout on Sunday).

For my workouts back I started with...

Thursday 45 min on the bike with 5 min tempo 2 min recovery x6 followed by a 15 min transition run on the treadmill.

Friday was another bike 1 hr of Tempo, Threshold, and some Vo2 sets (felt good and strong) followed that up with a 45 min full body strength training session

Saturday morning was a 3km swim at North End Centennial pool (1st time in a 50m pool since... Not sure) Followed by a 1.5hr ride @ home on the trainer followed by 25 min of pain in the CP bike race (Avg HR was 178 Max 192) This was it and I was cooked at the end of the day.

Sunday was Tribalistic's indoor Brick workout without the brick! 2hrs on the bike with some tempo, Vo2, Standing, and sprints... Oh what fun! I was ready to quit 25 min before the end of the workout. I felt run down and beat again so i just finished off at the back of the pack.

I feel rested and like I could do something today but Monday is a scheduled rest day and I am going to leave it like that!

Keep Training


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  1. umm I did a 5o minute spin class this AM and I was ready to quit 5 minutes in

    You rock