Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I am feeling SUPER HUMAN... Training is going well. I have not yet been outside on my bike so this weekend I will not be sitting in the basement for 6hrs on the trainer. I will be out at Birds Hill park on MY BIKE! I will take to Madone out to see the road.

I was out yesterday doing my long run. Lorrie is injured and has to BIKE ONLY says the doctor and physio so she wanted to get on her cyclo cross bike and burn up the pavement while I was pounding it.

My run started from home as I left the house I said to Lorrie "when you are done getting ready give me a call and pick me up and we can go to the park together. I got further than I thought by the time she called and made my way down main st, over redwood, down Henderson/Assinaboine Dr. down Old Prichard Farm Rd, and that's where she got me. Once we entered the park I was dropped off at the gates to continue my run. I got to the east side of the park and ran the hills 4 times each. I was feeling great so I started running back towards the car (parked at chickadee) I passed the car and saw Lorrie heading back to it. I asked her if she was done and leaving and if so to pick me up on the way out of the park I had a mile to go! She said sure. Well I said a mile and she heard a while! So as I ran to the park exit the miles passed and so did time. I made it over the 59 overpass and started running down 59 and back to town. I thought wow this has been a while so I called her... No answer. 1 mile later I called again... No answer. By this time I was getting cold. The sun was almost down and I had no head lamp. Finlay Lorrie called and said "where are you" I said "at Garvin rd." I asked what happened to her and she said "You said you still wanted to run a while so I went to the stables to use the washroom and stretch". Total distance was 20.5 miles. I only wanted to do 15 yesterday...

Today I felt great. Not sore, not too tired but all I had to do was my swim tonight. 45 min in both hamstrings cramped up and I couldn't move. If you have had cramps before you know that you can be paralyzed by this. Well I sank to the bottom of the pool and two 10 year old boys saved me. I was happy to see them until one of them said "you know you really shouldn't be swimming in the deep end alone if you aren't experienced" I thought you little bastard... I said it was a cramp in both legs and I couldn't move. I dint think they believed me.

After that the lifeguard asked me if I was OK. I said yes just a cramp so I tried to continue the swim... The left leg went and I grabbed on to the lane rope so I didn't have to have the 10 year old's rescue me again. After that I got out of the pool and said that's it.... Home to drink loads of water and get to bed.

38 days left... What more fun can be ahead of me?

I hope your training is going well and has no cramps involved.


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