Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quote #1

Well there have been days that you feel on top of the world and your workouts are AMAZING. They come to and end and you feel like you can keep going, and going, and going... Other days you feel like there is nothing in the tank. Sometimes you cant even keep your eyes open and you think that sitting on the couch will make you feel better. Once you are sitting you still feel out of it, you still feel tired, and that little voice says "you should have done something; I'm sure you would have felt better by now".

Nine times out of ten I find this happens. After 10-12 hrs of training others its hard to force yourself to get on a bike or hammer out a tempo run but when you get changed, have that pre-workout snack, and throw on that Ironman video or your latest ipod playlist something kicks in. Once you get going most times you think "Wow this feels great " or "I'm glad I did this".

You will always feel better after getting up and being active and if for some reason it feels terrible then at least you tried and that couch is still there.

I am always thinking about quotes and things to keep me motivated so I have decided to post some on here in hopes of having you remember one of them when you are having one of those days that make you want to sit on the bench.

Today's workout was a 1hr bike (tempo) and 20 min on the TRX full body with a focus on core.

Have a great day and happy training.

"Some times the hardest part about getting your run in is lacing up your shoes".
Paul Dyck

Photo from: CP stationary bike race @ The Wellness (The Warriors of Wellness came in 1st place and beat the second and third place teams by over 80km's) Motivational writings for me from the Jekat's placed on my aerobars to "inspire me". Thank You

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