Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trail Run

Hey Everyone,

Awesome run to all of those who ventured out this evening in the dark. We had a great run and learned a valuable lesson. BUY A FREAKIN HEAD LIGHT! Everything turned out ok but we did get a little split up. Over the next couple weeks we will work something out to stay together better! It was a beautiful night with the moon out above... If anyone wants to join us meet at the Birds Hill Park entrance (hwy 59) @ 6pm on tuesday's Im sure we still have a couple left!

As for conditioning camp... Well I am playing a lot of tag with people on locations and cant finalize anything until next week with the Wellness so I am still hopefull that we will get something going... I will let you all know when we do.

Training is going great for now. Im starting to get out of this sick slump and am able to push it a bit... Cant wait to be 100%. You never want to go too hard too soon or you will end up run down again.

Have a great evening.


1 comment:

  1. I would have crapped my panties if I was lost at Birds hill with all them deer!!!