Friday, October 15, 2010

Fighting for weeks

Well training this week has been up and down. I am still under the weather and under rested. When you are run down then its not the time to push it. I have had some great RT workouts this week but tuesday evenings trail run felt way harder than the run at Ironman Canada. we were running 10:30 min/miles on tuesday and I thought I needed to stop. At that point you should stop. Trying to push your body beyond that point you are just asking for something bad to happen. Some signs that may mean that you are run down/under recovered are...

Higher than normal resting heart rate
Higher resting Blood Pressure
Constant fatigue
Unable to train at a level that you are otherwise used to (this is not always an intense level)
Unable to concentrate
Irritable (well more than normal)

Best way to deal with this is to take some down time before you run yourself into the ground! it's 7:38 right now and all I want to do is go to bed.... I think I may give in to that urge.

I have still been trying to nail down new locations for conditioning camp and it is coming to an end. Final details are in the works and we should have a place to call our own soon. Which place is that you ask??? Well it one of four and it keeps narrowing itself down. I will have a few of the places marked down on monday or tuesday.

Finaly to add in some different ideas for training here is a good article on coaches clip board I read today. It talks about how much cardio someone should normaly do. Well there has been a lot of debate in the past few years and now scientistis are saying 60-90 min of cardiovascular exercise/day (up to 6 days/week) for individuals wanting to lose weight. Now if someone is starting out you must ease into your workouts and build up to this amount of time. If you dont have a lot of time for your workout higher intensity and shorter duration is the way to go. If you have the 90 min then the lower intensity is where you should be to last longer.

Here is the article

Stay tuned as I will post some of the great ideas I got for the NEW PPF&C Name and my race report for Ironman Canada! (Tomorrow)

Have a great weekend and get outside!

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  1. interesting...had those symptoms today...and took a nap...feel better now.
    good tips!