Sunday, October 24, 2010

Take your time!

When eating a meal it is easy to consume many more calories than you need. There is a lag time of 10-20 min before your brain gets the signal from your abdomen that its full.

With amount of cheap fast food we have available to us today (almost on every corner and in between) we can get what we need anytime day or night. Back in the day (Before I was born 30 years ago). Food was relatively more expensive and not as abundant. The amount of obesity today has a huge part to do with the lack of activity we get and fact that we can have 1000 clories in just minutes by heading down to the burger joint getting a juicy burger, fries and a giant pop.

On the treadmill it would take you 100 minutes to burn a thousand calories at an incline of 1 and a speed of 6.0mph (that's a 10min mile). Is it worth it?

Eat clean, eat often, and take your time.

P.S. If that picture excites you, you have problems ;-)


  1. ps: why am I the only one commenting?

  2. that pic revolts me...ugh
    Love the tips...great post!

  3. Thats a great question Cheryl. I hope its not because I offended anyone and they like the picture!

  4. ok, so I like the picture. well, maybe not exactly as it is shown, but I LOVE FOOD! and I guess that's why I'm going to conditioning camp!

  5. This would look better with a beer in the photo rather than that bottle of water.