Friday, October 8, 2010

Should I workout or should I recover?

Well today was one of those days when you are run down form the week, tired, and just not motivated. Three 15hr days will do that to you.

Well I had resolved to do nothing and as I sat there with the sun going down I decided to jump on my stationary trainer and see what happened. Like I had mentioned I was ready to fall asleep at 6:30pm so this was a tough one. I threw on the 2009 Ironman World Championship DVD in Kona (always a great motivator) and banged out a 45min ride followed by a 15min straight set of kettle ball exercises that was non stop form one side of the body to the other. After that I added an 8 min core set and a stretch. I felt so much better afterwards. Sometimes all you need to do is get moving and that's all it takes.

I once heard a quote by a famous violinist who said "The hardest part about practicing is opening the case". In most of our cases it is getting out of be when you hear the alarm, putting those running shoes on at 6am, getting out the door when its this dark outside (until 7:15am).

ACSM Guidelines say that its ok to exercise in your aerobic zone while sick if the symptoms are above the neck. NO THRESHOLD WORKOUTS. Limit your time to 2hrs max (if you happen to be someone who puts in high mileage or lots of aerobic activity) You should be able to get a good sweat going either way. If it doesn't feel good then stop, but at least you tried.

Have a great long weekend and a great thanksgiving. Think about how much you are eating on the weekend and how long you would have to run in 1 straight workout to burn it off... Is it worth it?

Train Smart

P.S. Here is a great motivational video if you want one Tomorrow is the Ironman world Championship in Kona!

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  1. great it...and while I put on Biggest Loser or Grey's Anatomy...only YOU would choose to watch an ironman. You rock!
    Track my Friend at Kona - Suzanne Boyd