Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hello Conditioning Campers, You are all now the Elite Team that the other conditioning camps will look up to and say “Better them than me”, or “that’s sick”, or “WTF?”. This is not a high-heeled boot camp so I hope you are all ready to work. Here are a few things questions you may have and a few answers I will give you… 1. Camp starts @ 6am. If you get there earlier and want to start warming up then that’s great. If you want to sit in your car and ask “why am I here at this hour of the morning?” then that’s ok too. WE MEET AT THE NORTH SHELTER. Just drive around the park past the witches hut (on your left) and over the bridge. It’s the 1st shelter on your left. If one park gate is closed when you come in off Main st. go in through the OUT GATE. 2. When driving through the park make sure you go the SPEEDLIMIT! There are runners (and friends) that are there running @ 5:30am and sometimes coming around the corner you may not see them. Speed limit = 30kmh or less Thank you. 3. Every workout will be different and fun…ish. Bring proper clothing for the weather and dress in layers. You will need this as the weather can change in the mountains without warning (just kidding im not bringing mountains but it can suck if you aren't dressed properly). YOU will need (other than proper clothing) Gloves, a water bottle, a towel, a yoga mat (or any type of mat to lay on), a sense of humor and your “A” game (don’t leave home without it). 4. If you have any problems with an exercise let me know ASAP and we will give you an alternative. I will push you and make you work but I want you to do it safely and with perfect form. 5. Please make sure you have your forms filled out with payment in an envelope. 6. Please make sure to fill out the "BRING BACK BURT" petition. We will have him back someday. If you have any questions ask away. I look forward to seeing everyone back and meeting some of you newbie’s. Please forward this to those who I do not have address for (I know a few of you are bringing friends) and didn't want me to have contact with them as they might not decide to show up if they read the blog or talked with me. Paul Remember to check the blogspot for constantly updated info.

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