Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm Alive

Hey Everyone,

I'm alive. I'm sorry I left you hanging for so long. I have been doing and going through a lot right now. I know what you are thinking and the answer is NO I'm not becoming a woman! Not now its wayyyy to expensive. All kidding aside I have made a few changes.

1. I have a new name. Not me but PPF&C. This will and should be an easier name to remember and I think it reflects my style of training along with my passion for it.

2. New website. I have decided to tackle it on my own. Its going well so far but taking time so please be patient.

3. I am looking at expanding and doing an afternoon conditioning camp. Not sure where yet but I have been working with others to get this thing going

4. I am considering an "ELITE" camp for those who want to take it to the limit with others who have the same idea in mind.

5. Trying to find time to update my blog! I know I will be on here more often with tips tricks and some motivational stories to get people going.

6. Renovate 2 bathrooms at once and make sure they work!

This has been a busy few weeks. Conditioning camp starts again at BRONX November 29th to Dec 24th (12 sessions) @ 6:15am. So far we have had a great turnout with a few people joining along the way.

Fridays class was the toughest I have put people through so far. I ran them into the ground and they all did it. Congrats ladies for digging deep and pushing yourself just when you thought you had nothing left.

After my last post (you know the one I planned on continuing the next day). I saw a few comments and had hoped to see if anyone had made any changes or at least gave it some thought.

I know the WANTING IT takes motivation, concentration, proper planning, and focus. One thing I have discovered about myself is that even though I get up @ 4:50 or 5:00am 5 days a week I need to get to bed earlier. In these past 2 weeks I have had 5 days that I felt the need to go to bed @ 5pm. NOT GOOD!

You need to take care of yourself if you want to get any quality training and time in. I am currently sitting back and looking at what I need to do to be good for myself and everyone I interact with on a personal or professional level.

Anyways I know this was a lot and kind of all over the place but that's what came out. in the meantime set some goals for the week. Look at your schedule and see when you can get in your workouts. Get some rest and eat well...

Take care



  1. agreed, you do need a better long as it does not mean I'm on the outs!!

    my goals are set, my food is prepped. here's to a great week!

  2. Oh goody, speaking of schedules, maybe the elite camp can be in the evenings. My work hours are flex so if I can start work @ 7 am - sometimes even earlier! (ie, before morning camp even ends!), I knock off earlier. But not early enough to make an afternoon camp.