Thursday, May 17, 2012

Friday May 18th

Warm Up

30 Jumping Jacks
30 Air Squats
30 Mountain climbers
30 Squat Jumps
5 rounds of all four exercises.

Running 1 lap of the park (1.2 Miles)

Incline sprints at the foot of the bridge to the top x 10 Easy Jog on the way down.

Main Sets...

Set 1
10 Burpees Every Minute on the Minute for... 10 Minutes ;-) (Do it with a smile and it will feel easier)

Set 2
20 Hip Hikes (Per leg)
20 Deep Squats
20 Dips
20 Reps of Lateral Bounding
20 Sit Ups
As Many rounds as possible in 10 Min (Once again doing it with a smile makes it feel easier)

Enjoy the park as you are almost out of there.


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