Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Get Motivated

(Me at the end of "Menocross" started 60th place, finished 1st. Not bad for a second time racing this sport. There was no drinking and dancing at the finish line).

What are you doing this fall to spice things up... I am not talking about candles and satin sheets. I mean with your workout routine.

Now is a great transitional time to try something new, set some goals, and step out of that box.

I have decided to try cyclocross racing and it has been awesome. Lots of suffering on the bike in a zone that you aren't normally used to and a lot of fun to boot!

I have decided to set some goals for next year as I am not going long for Triathlon. I know I can finish an Ironman. I have four under my belt and I know where my weaknesses are.

The goal next year is to go shorter and faster. What are my specific goals?

5k under 20 min
10k under 40 min
13.1 miles (half marathon) under 1:30

How will I get there? I will be doing some lactate testing on my bike and run to see what optimal zones I need to train in. Finding you proper zones is critical to training otherwise you could be doing too much and not getting a lot out of it. Once these are determined you can start planning your program (Base, Build, and recovery cycles). I will still be doing triathlon so the workouts will be very speed specific and always keeping in mind that I will have another session tomorrow and not to burn myself out.

I have been training long for 3 years now. When you are doing long distance and putting in high mileage its harder to do the speed work. Sometimes when you have the time and you do the body says "what the hell are you doing to me?" If you train faster to begin with and get the body used to it it wont be such a shock come race day. The goal is to not train slow because you will race slow.

Now I am just having fun with training and doing a bit of everything... Its nice to be free from a strict schedule (which actually wasn't very strict).

What are your goals?

Happy training


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