Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Alive.... Just barely

Well its been a long time since I have posted anything. I am 25 days out from Ironman Wisconsin (Sept 11th 2011) . This has been a busy time for me as I have had a lot on my plate and blogging has obviously not been one of them.

Training has been going well but has its ups and downs just like everything. I have had a lot of other things going on like looking at buildings for a training studio, pricing out equipment for the building, making a business plan, working on a proposal for the building I like, working more than full time hours and training for Ironman.

I must admit that I thought training was going to go differently for this event. Sometimes we always see things clearly in our minds but they dont aslway come out like that when you live it out loud.

I have already been thinkking about goals for next year and weeknesses that I need to focus on. There are always things here and there that can be changed but I need to make them a priority!

I have already told Lorrie that next year will not have any full distance IM's because the training takes up so much time and energy. Now I should be swimming but felt run down all day and had trouble keeping my eyes open. Even on yesterday's group ride with the Wellness crew I closed my eyes a few time while pedaling down a straight away. You know when you come to a red light and just close your eues for a few seconds... Yes well I was doing that on a bike @ 30+ km/hr. NOT GOOD. This is my body trying to tell me something. When you body says "stop you are running me into the ground". You had better listen, especially when you are 3 weeks out form a big race.

I dont think I will make the time I had originally thought and will have to seriously re think doing another IM event in the future. I know there will be more but when? I will not be happy just doing them. I know I can finish it. I know I can qualify. All I need to do is give it my all. I have not been doing that to date.

Sometimes to get better at something you need to take a step back and analize what you are doing and where you are. As we age our training needs to change too. We have to be smarter with our workouts and training schedules, volume, and intensity.

Treat yourself well!


P.S. This is not me giving up. I am still goin to get out there and give it everything I have just like I have at any other event :-)

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