Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Strange Occurrence

Strange Occurrence...

Today I had some errands to do and ran to get a hair cut. I don't have anyone specific that I go to as a bad haircut is only bad for two weeks. My last semi consistent hairdresser had a lazy eye and even though I asked for the same thing every time it was always a little different (but that's another story).

So today I met Dee. She was outgoing, charismatic, and talked the whole time. Sometimes you end up with people who dint say a thing even if you try to strike up a conversation. I would prefer not to read their minds as they might be thinking "this is the one... He wont even see it coming. I'm just gonna take these sharp scissors...".

Anyways back to Dee. We talked about nutrition, her eating habits, her 35 year old bike with the coaster breaks and why gears on a bike are a good idea for cyclists. I told her that different wind conditions, hills, cadence goals, and intensities are reasons why you might want to switch gears. She stopped and said "Honey, can you see me riding up a hill?". I said "Why not. If you wanted to you could. There isn't any reason you can't, It would just take a bit of training and dedication".

I would have to say it was the best haircut I have ever had. Her personality was awesome and inspiring and she had a great outlook on life and passed it on to everyone. At one point a woman form Costco came in with a great personality too. She was loud and out there telling us about how awesome it was to have a Costco membership. Once she left Dee said "If that woman was a car salesman she would be rich, not because she is pretty but because of her personality".

When Dee was finished shaving my head she said thanks for going to see her and said something strange. She said "I am going to see you on TV. You are going to be in the news and you are going to spread something good in the world. I just know it".

I thought it was strange that she said that since we spent 15 minutes together. All I did was give her some tips on how to be a bit healthier and not write herself off about being a bit bigger and not being able to do certain things today but maybe down the road with some training she would surprise herself.

People write themselves off too soon when it comes to goals or seeing themselves in a light that they cant see at the moment. Think about yourself a year down the road with a great fitness program, a dialed in sustainable nutrition plan and happy because you feel good, look good, and nobody can take that away from you.

It made me think. Be who you are, be genuine, be what you want to be, and not anyone else. Good things will come. Do nice things for others and don't expect anything for it. Even a smile to someone having a bad day could have a positive effect on the rest of their day.

As soon as I left and got into the car my phone rang. It was a reporter who wanted to sit down with me and interview me for an article...

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